British Airways Club Suite Routes

Ultimate Guide for BA Club Suite, operated routes with the corresponding flight numbers, registration numbers, when airplanes will be retrofitted and more.


Over the last years, BA was not really known to offer an excellent business class product. By introducing their new Club Suite with sliding doors, this has definitely changed now.

British Airways received the first club suite cabin with the A350-1000, in July 2019. The list below shows you all aircraft that are currently equipped with the new Club World Suites. It will grow significantly in the near future, and we will update the list as fast as possible when changes will occur.

There is, of course, still the possibility that dates will change, as not all the planes with the new cabin have arrived yet. This list represents not only the present, but also the future planned routes with the new club suite cabin.

Furthermore, you will also be able to see the last operated routes from a particular aircraft, simply click on the aircraft's registration number.


  1. All BA Club World Suite routes with FLIGHT NUMBERS
  2. How to check if a BA flight offers the Club World Suite cabin
  3. BA planes that are equipped with Club World Suites
  4. Overview of British Airways planes with Club World Suite by registration number
  5. British Airways Club World Suite destinations in alphabetical order
  6. Club World Suite Flight Review

(last update, JUL 12, 2023)

We publish business class deals from Europe and from North America on a daily basis, also these with the British Airways Club World Suite, when deals appear.


1. All BA Club World Suite Routes

These flights are always to/from London Heathrow.

By clicking on a flight number, you can see on the last 20 flights with registration numbers, for that corresponding flight. You may then compare those registration numbers with our “BA Club Suite by registration number list”, to see how often a route is operated by airplanes equipped by the new business class.

Furthermore, some few of those routes are not operated every day by the Club World Suite cabin, flight numbers should only be considered as additional information.

Keep in mind that British Airways can change flight equipment at any given time without further notice. For any reason, like an aircraft that is out of service. As you booked a business class flight, you will of course be in business class, but without the new club world suite cabin.


  • Abuja (ABV)

BA82 and BA83

  • Accra (ACC)

BA78 and BA81

  • Capetown (CPT)

BA58 and BA59

  • Lagos (LOS)

BA74 and BA75

  • Nairobi (NBO)

BA64 and BA65


  • Bangalore (BLR)

BA118 and BA119

  • Beijing (PKX)

BA88 and BA89 (starting APR 24)

  • Delhi (DEL)

BA142 and BA143

  • Hong Kong (HKG)

BA31 and BA32 (until October, and then again starting April 2024)

  • Male (MLE)

BA60 and BA61 (starting NOV23 again)

  • Mumbai (BOM)

BA138 and BA139

  • Singapore (SIN)

BA11/15 and BA12/16

(For Suites, you have to look for the 777, flight numbers change in Summer/Winter)

  • Tokyo (HND)

BA5 and BA6 (starting November until March 2024 on TUE, THU and SAT, operated by a 777)


  • Bahrain (BAH)

BA124 and BA125  

  • Dubai (DXB)

BA108 and BA109  (not regularly)

  • Doha (DOH)

BA122 and BA123 

  • Kuwait (KWI)

BA156 and BA157 

  • Riyadh (RUH)

BA262 and BA263

  • Tel Aviv (TLV)

Flight numbers do change, check the seat map before booking



  • Atlanta (ATL)

BA226 and BA227

  • Austin (AUS)

BA190 and BA191

  • Bermuda (BDA)

BA158 and BA159

  • Boston (BOS)

BA202 and BA203

  • Chicago (ORD) (starting end of the year again)

BA296 and BA297 (not at the moment)

  • Denver (DEN)

BA219 and BA218

  • Houston (IAH) (not from Nov-Jan 24)

BA194 and BA195 

  • Las Vegas (LAS)

BA274 and BA275

  • Los Angeles (LAX)

BA268, BA269, BA280, BA281, BA282, BA283

  • Miami (MIA)

Not anymore, now operated by an A380

  • Nassau (NAS)

BA253 and BA252

  • New York (JFK + EWR)

All flights to New York

  • Phoenix (PHX)

BA288 and BA289

  • Portland (PDX)

BA266 and BA267

  • San Diego (SAN)

BA272 and BA273

  • San Francisco (SFO)

BA284 and BA285

  • Seattle (SEA)

BA48, BA49, BA52, BA53 

  • Toronto (YYZ)

BA98 and BA99

  • Washington (IAD)

BA217 and BA216 (NOT on Wednesdays and Saturdays)

  • Vancouver (YVR)

BA84 and BA85



  • São Paulo (GRU)

BA246 and BA247

  • Buenos Aires (EZE) via São Paulo


2. How to check if a British Airways flight offers the new Club World Suite?

All of British Airways' new Airbus A350-1000 will offer the new Club World Suite.

Since October 2019, the first new Club world Suite cabin has been available in a retrofitted Boeing 777-200 as well. From that moment on, more and more B777-200 are being retrofitted.

In 2020 the new Boeing 787-10 did also receive the club suite cabin.

The way you can tell if an aircraft has the new BA Club World Suite cabin is from the seat map. We use ExpertFlyer to check the seat maps. This is what you need to look out for.

The seat map for the Club Suite looks like this, with a cabin layout that show a 1-2-1 seating arrangement.

Alternatively, you can also check via Google Flights if the business class seat is shown as “Suite”. However, this will not always work correctly.

3. British Airways planes equipped with the Club World Suite

  • Airbus A350-1000: 14 of 14 (100%)
  • Boeing 777-200: 28 of 43 (65%)
  • Boeing 777-300: 11 of 16 (69%)
  • Boeing 777-9: 0 (18 ordered in total)
  • Boeing 787-10: 7 of 7 (100%, 12 ordered in total)
  • Boeing 787-9: 0 of 18 (0%)
  • Boeing 787-8: 0 of 12 (0%)
  • Airbus A380: (update) they will get the suites now as well, but it takes a long time.

Below, in the graph, you can see British Airways’ plans for the rollout of the new cabin.


4. Overview of British Airways planes with Club World Suite by registration number

Airbus A350-1000:

Boeing 777-200:

  1. G-RAES
  2. G-VIIA
  3. G-VIIB
  4. G-VIIC
  5. G-VIID
  6. G-VIIE
  7. G-VIIF
  8. G-VIIG
  9. G-VIIH
  10. G-VIIJ
  11. G-VIIK
  12. G-VIIL
  13. G-VIIM
  14. G-VIIN
  15. G-VIIS
  16. G-YMMG
  17. G-YMMH
  18. G-YMMI
  19. G-YMMJ
  20. G-YMMJK
  21. G-YMML
  22. G-YMMN
  23. G-YMMO
  24. G-YMMP
  25. G-YMMR
  26. G-YMMS
  27. G-YMMT
  28. G-YMMU

Boeing 777-300:

  1. G-STBA
  2. G-STBD
  3. G-STBG
  4. G-STBH
  5. G-STBJ
  6. G-STBK
  7. G-STBL
  8. G-STBM
  9. G-STBN
  10. G-STBO
  11. G-STBP

Boeing 787-10:

  1. G-ZBLA
  2. G-ZBLB
  3. G-ZBLC
  4. G-ZBLD
  5. G-ZBLE
  6. G-ZBLF
  7. G-ZBLG
  8. G-ZBLH – Due in 2023/24
  9. G-ZBLI – Due in 2023/24
  10. G-ZBLJ – Due in 2023/24
  11. G-ZBLK – Due in 2023/24
  12. G-ZBLL – Due in 2023/24

5. Destinations that are or will be operated by British Airways Club World Suite cabin.

Here is the summarized list in alphabetical order (important check flight numbers above):

  1. Abuja (ABV)
  2. Accra (ACC)
  3. Atlanta (ATL)
  4. Austin (AUS)
  5. Bahrain (BAH)
  6. Bangalore (BLR)
  7. Bermuda (BDA)
  8. Boston (BOS)
  9. Capetown (CPT)
  10. Chicago (ORD) (starting end of the year again)
  11. Delhi (DEL)
  12. Denver (DEN)
  13. Doha (DOH)
  14. Dubai (DXB)
  15. Frankfurt
  16. Houston (IAH)
  17. Hong Kong (HKG)
  18. Kuwait (KWI)
  19. Lagos (LOS)
  20. Las Vegas (LAS)
  21. Los Angeles (LAX)
  22. Male (MLE)
  23. Miami (MIA)
  24. Mumbai (BOM)
  25. Nairobi (NBO)
  26. Nassau (NAS)
  27. New York (JFK)
  28. New York (EWR)
  29. Phoenix (PHX)
  30. Portland (PDX)
  31. Riyadh (RUH)
  32. San Diego (SAN)
  33. San Francisco (SFO)
  34. São Paulo (GRU)
  35. Seattle (SEA)
  36. Singapore (SIN)
  37. Sydney (SYD)
  38. Tel Aviv (TLV)
  39. Tokyo (HND)
  40. Washington (IAD)
  41. Vancouver (YVR)


6. Flight Review BA Club World Suite

We've reviewed British Airways' new business class club suite (here), on its first commercial flight from Madrid to London Heathrow.


Here is a small video from BA of the Club World Suite cabin:



Frequently Asked Question

How many British Airways planes are equipped with Club World Suite?

60 planes are currently equipped with a Club World Suite cabin. 14 Airbus A350-1000, 28 retrofitted Boeing 777-200, 7 Boeing 787-10 and 11 Boeing 777-300

When will all British Airways long haul planes be equipped with the Club World Suite cabin?

It is expected that by the end of 2025 all long haul planes will be equipped with the Club World Suite cabin. 33% by 2020, 52% by 2021, 79% by 2022 and 92% by 2023

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213 comments on “British Airways Club Suite Routes

  1. JB

    British Airways Flight #0169 (BA0169) LONDON to SHANGHAI on Tues 25h June 2024. I think this is a Boeing 787-9
    does this aircraft have or is expecting to have the new Club Suite ?

    Alternatively, British Airways Flight 0089 (BA0089) LONDON to Beijing Daxing Intl on Tues 25h June 2024 (Boeing 777 jet)
    does this aircraft have or is expecting to have the new Club Suite ?

    • premiumflights Post author

      Starting April 2024, BA89 to Beijing is planned to have club suites (B777). Nothing planned for Shanghai so far.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Yes indeed, that route is operated twice a day by BA, once by an A380 without Suites, and once by an B777 with Club suites (BA284/BA285)

  2. Caroline Home

    We are flying from LGW to Mauritius next week and were hoping that we would be in the new club suite but sadly it looks like we will be clambering over strangers’ legs again! Do you have any idea when the Gatwick aircraft will be refitted?

    • David

      We are flying the same route at the end of November coming back mid December travelling on a 777 BA 2065. I booked the flights and paid for seat allocation in January, then in April I received an email from BA stating that they had to change our seats. When I looked at the new seat plan it showed a 1-2-1 configuration rather than the 2-3-2 that I had originally booked. I contacted BA to confirm these were the new suites but customer services were unhelpful and couldn’t confirm, however given that the 1-2-1 configuration is only for the new suites then either the Mauritius route is changing later in the year to the new suites or we were just lucky they have rescheduled a different plane for our fight.

      • premiumflights Post author

        The Mauritius had been operated by suites some time ago, maybe BA has now retrofitted enough planes and the route will have now the suites forever. We will look into it..

  3. Aadi M

    Flying from Delhi in October on BA142 to London – do you know if this will have club suites please?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Brenda

    Traveling on BA194 Houston to LHR in December 2023. Booked business on the afternoon flight on a 777 with the suites configuration, then got a notification of seat changes to 787. Extremely disappointed since two in our group are 6’6” and we booked specifically for that suites configuration to give those guys more room. Route currently shows 777-10, but changes in November back to old the configuration. Any update on when that route will be fully updated?

    • premiumflights Post author

      Unfortunately, those plane changes can happen all the time until BA has retrofitted all the planes.
      Looking at the seatmaps, it seems that the route Houston – London is operated by planes with NO suites from November to mid-January 2024.

    • premiumflights Post author

      OK, thank you. We will look into it, maybe they swapped planes on that route as well, as they did with LHR-MIA

  5. Peter

    I had a question about the BA60/61 to and from Male. It says again from Nov 23. Does this mean they did or is there a certain timeframe they put on the Club Suite 787-9 planes in 23/24?
    I ask as will be taking this flight in Jan 24 and I was really hoping it’s the new format.

    • premiumflights Post author

      BA have flown this route with the suites already, but at the moment they don’t. I guess they will use it for winter only, at the moment, until all planes are equipped with suites.

  6. Joe

    Not wanting to waste hard-earned Avios & Companion vouchers clambering over strangers’ legs in the old 787 business class, it looks like my dream holiday to Japan will have to wait until, realistically, 2025 or later.

    • Joe

      My prayers were answered early!
      From Oct 31st 2023 BA to operate the 777-300ER with Business Suite from London to Tokyo

  7. David W

    It looks looks like Mauritius is the latest destination to get the BA Club Suite. I booked specific seats on a trip in late November and received an email from BA stating my seats have been changed – the configuration has altered from 2-2-2 backward and forward facing to 1-2-1 forward facing. No complaints as they have even given me great replacement seats. Seat Guru and other sites still show the old configuration.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Seat Guru is never up-to-date. And you’re lucky, it seems that BA operates that route (LHR-MRU) with BA Club Suite from November until March, before and after that dates the seatmap shows the old configuration.

  8. Mike

    Hi. I’m looking at booking business class Singapore-London in June 2024. Does anyone know whether BA12 and/or BA16 will have Club Suites at that time?

      • Mike

        Cheers, but interestingly BA16 (787) costs significantly more than BA12 (777). I’ll be booking with Qantas FF points and I note that BA16 seats are snapped up much more quickly than BA12. I will call BA in Australia tomorrow and see what they say. I’ll keep you posted!

      • Firsttotheleft

        BA just ordered another six 787-10. Yay! Can they get them delivered? Who knows.
        And in other news the BA app is FINALLY showing rewards return flights again.

  9. Eric Adams

    Good afternoon. I’ll be traveling through LHR from Seattle late May of 2024. I currently hold a tix on the later of the 2 daily flights on a 787-10 because of newer club suites set up however I would prefer the earlier flight on the 777-300 because of connections. It appears this flight still has the old configuration. I’d rather stay one night at a LHR hotel nearby than fly in the old configuration. Any insight of this will be converted by May 2024

      • premiumflights Post author

        There’s no number you can call.
        In May 2024 it shows Suites for the 787 and the 777.
        That can still change, there’s no guarantee.

        • Eric Adams

          Thank you. That will be cutting it close. I guess I’ll stick with the 787-10 for now! Thanks again.

  10. Tom

    I noticed LHR-ATL is on your list, and I believe another poster commented he’s had suites on that route. I’ve recently booked atl-lhr round trip for November 17th departure atl-lhr and the seat map shows the old club world seat map. Any thoughts on what might be going on here ? Thx ! I checked flights all around those dates and even into 2024 and they all show the 2-4-2.

    • premiumflights Post author

      It looks like that starting end of October the route LHR-ATL is operated by a 777 without the Club Suites.
      But as BA is still retrofitting their planes, there is still hope that you will get the Club Suites by chance in November.

      • Tom

        Also, seems odd that once they have updated a route to club suites, they then revert back to an older plan. Perhaps it is seasonal / they relocated the club suites plan on more popular route for winter? Hoping this changes by November!

        Thank you again

      • Bruce

        What happened to BA’s committment to retrofitting all 777’s by end ’22?
        Perhaps they meant end ’23. Flying LHR SFO in October 23, gutted it’s showing old CW 🙄

      • Jonathan

        hello, i am flying BLR-LHR-ATL in the last week of July. Can you please check if i will get the old or new business class. I do not have much knowledge about international flights. Thank you so much in advance.

        • premiumflights Post author

          You should have BA Suites all the way, BLR-LHR and as well LHR-ATL.
          The easiest way to find out yourself, is to check the seatmap in your booking on

  11. Y Li

    I just booked a Club World award flight from Beijing Daxing Airport to LHR on June 11, and the seat reservation shows that it is Club Suite. The Club World on my flight from LHR to Shanghai Pudong Airport in May was still the old fashioned seat.

    • premiumflights Post author

      That route is operated by a 787, until now only the 787-10 is equipped with a club suite cabin. Maybe BA will use the 787-10 on the Shanghai soon, but we can’t find any info on that at the moment.

  12. Andrew

    Do you know if flights from Heathrow to Philadelphia are due to use the upgraded 777 any time soon?


    • premiumflights Post author

      No, nothing planned for the moment. Maybe later in 2024… But it all depends on how fast BA will retrofit the 777s.

  13. David G

    Heading to Dominican Republic punts Cana BA2205 in February 2024. Is it planned for this route to have the new club suite?

    • premiumflights Post author

      It still looks that this route is operated by a 777 with the old configuration only, also in February.

  14. Arjun Vaitla

    So, since January Atlanta has been getting Club Suites consistently and this guide has been useful for it.

  15. Firsttotheleft

    Looks like BA just put 787-10 #6 in service (D) so that’s a few more club suites available. E should be online soon as there has been test flights to Moses lake.
    We just did our EU trip on 777-200er sea-lhr and not nearly as awful as I feared in old 2010 first. They must have cobbled together all the best bits in the new 8 seat cabin as seats in very good nick. Also decent ife on the little old screens, very responsive. And I now realize these old first seats in the 777 create huge beds. Much wider especially at the feet end than 747 or the new first product on 787. Big deal for 6 foot plus passengers. All in all wonderful flights with the full food service back on. Anything you want on menu whenever you want. Still no warm nuts though, packets put in a dish.

    • premiumflights Post author

      We had a flight back to Europe 2 weeks ago, it was also a 777 with the old business class layout. Seats were in a good shape, it was a night flight, and we slept better in those seats compared to Swiss Business class that we had on the way to the US.
      PS: We’ve added the 6th 787-10 to the list.

      • Firsttotheleft

        This 777-200 had clubsuites and I was finally ably to take a minute to look them over for the first time. Definitely pretty tight fit in there, but 1-2-1 layout is such a huge improvement and the door seems like a real plus for sleeping.
        I hope the new first class with doors doesn’t loose too much of the flat bed legroom that the old 2010 seat has on 777.
        It will also be a plus when all 787-10 are online as the fleet is reaching max life on a lot of aircraft. I mean the -200er to LHR had 26+ years on it.

    • Firsttotheleft

      787-10 E just flew to LHR with a BA flight #.
      So that leaves “just” 5 more dash ten to go…
      Cmon guys let’s get those in the air! Then triple seven x? In my dreams.

      • Firsttotheleft

        Saw this online. If true disappointing…
        G-ZBLA – Delivered on 28 Jun 2020
        G-ZBLB – Delivered on 01 Jul 2020
        G-ZBLC – Delivered on 16 Dec 2022
        G-ZBLD – Delivered on 09 Apr 2023
        G-ZBLE – Delivered on 26 May 2023
        G-ZBLF – Delivered on 17 Sep 2022
        G-ZBLG – Delivered on 30 Dec 2022
        G-ZBLH – Due February 2024 (LN 1185)
        G-ZBLI – Due April 2024 (LN 1193)
        G-ZBLJ – Due May 2024 (LN 1197)
        G-ZBLK – Due June 2024 (LN 1204)
        G-ZBLL – Due August 2024 (LN 1214)

  16. GT

    We’re flying BA16 (Sydney to London) on 4th January, any idea if 789 retrofit will be in play by then? Going to be gutted if the only time I manage to book us all using Avios ends us being the crappy old Club World.

  17. Jay

    We’re looking to fly to Tokyo in March 2024. For now all the flights are showing the old CW and not CS as BA are using 787-9 for this route. What are the chances that it will get changed to CS by then?

    • premiumflights Post author

      At the moment, BA hasn’t planned to use other aircraft than the 787-9 on that route, which means old seats. But at some point, BA will start retrofitting the 787-8 and 787-9s.

      • Liz

        Hi any idea if the BA2065 777 twin jet to Mauritius next January 2024 is likely to have club world suites? The seat map on our booking initially showed 8 seats across the cabin in club world, it’s now showing 4 seats across the cabin. Thankyou!

        • premiumflights Post author

          It seems that starting November BA will use a retrofitted 777 with Club Suites on that route. But there’s no guarantee

      • premiumflights Post author

        On some days, BA has 2 flights to Tokyo. The one with the 787 has no suites, but it seems that the one with the 777 has finally the Club Suites.

  18. Amanda s

    I am flaying BA99 lhr to yyz on May 17th. The seat map looks like it’s the old business class cabin. What do you think?

  19. Annabel Elwes

    I’m flying to JFK from Heathrow on the 12th June on BA177 (Boeing 777), but seatguru is showing the old layout despite the fact that all New York routes have the new layout?
    Likewise, I’m flying from Miami back to Heathrow on the 25th June on BA206, which is listed, which also shows the old layout on SeatGuru.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Seatguru isn’t the best source. Use Expertflyer, Google Flights or the British Airways website. If you have a booking, try choosing your seats, even if you don’t want to pay in advance (if you are not Oneworld Sapphire at least), but you can see the layout.

  20. Chris

    We booked Nassau to London Heathrow – traveling next month (April) on BA 252. This article says it’s the new Suite but our seat map says otherwise. Has something changed or is it likely to change closer to the flight date?

    • premiumflights Post author

      It seems that BA isn’t using Suites on that route at the moment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 🙁

      • Sam

        We are due to fly to Nassau in November (on a Friday). Initial booking had us choose club suites- had an email today telling me it has changed and his now the old layout).

  21. Ade Ryman

    I have noticed on our BA Gatwick to Vancouver flight in the summer, that BA have changed the aircraft and it now appears to have the new Club suite. (Our seats have been reassigned with the new seat map indicating it has the new club seat).
    Interesting if this is so as the LGW based 777’s we’re not the priority for the new club seats. I may be talking nonsense here but as they are in with Qatari and fly to Doha, have they required the better seat for the code share in/out of Doha as Qatar Airways always demanded a high standard and the aircraft they use on this route also rotates onto other destinations to fit into the flying schedule. Or just the competition is making BA react to provide a better product.

  22. Douglas Gillespie

    When we originally booked our LHR to SFO for 19 May 2023, the layout when selecting our seats was the new Club Suite. This made us very happy. However just a few months ago they contacted us to say that they had assigned us new seats due to a change of aircraft and we were so disappointed to see that this was a downgrade rather than an upgrade as the cabin layout is now showing very clearly that they have substituted an older aircraft with the original Club World configuration. I would have thought that for such a long flight they would have prioritised the SFO destination for the new Club Suite. Is it normal practice for them to change things in this way and why might they be doing so?

    • premiumflights Post author

      Well, sadly there’s no guarantee when you book the suites that you get them. The only guarantee that you have is that you will fly in business class when you book it. I guess they are doing that because they didn’t expect so many people travelling again, I can see that they use the A380 again on that route quite often. It has more seats, but never got and most probably will never get the club suites.
      I don’t know if you are flexible or not, it seems that BA uses the club suite on several dates in May to San Francisco. You could ask if they can rebook you on one of those. However, I am not sure how BA will handle that request.

  23. Jan

    Very helpful overview, thanks for this. Hope that we will have club suite on our flight BA67 with a 777-300 to Philadelphia on 8 March 2023. So far, map shows old config. But also noticed that on some days this January, some retrofitted planes were used, also a 777-200 one day. Is there a detailed schedule with weeks or dates for retrofitting the remaining 777s?

  24. Neill

    Just booked LHR to SEA for Sept 23 , still showing old club world on the 777, what’s the chances this could change to club suites nearer to the time or is it anyone’s guess?

    • premiumflights Post author

      That’s hard to tell, if BA is retrofitting enough 777’s until then you might have luck. But the LHR-SEA route is as well operated once a day by a 787-10, that one has the club suite.

    • Firsttotheleft

      That’s odd. We have an lhr to sea 777 in April and it must be clubsuite as there’s only 8 seats in first. When we first booked it was 14 seats (which is a non refurb 777) but then switched to 8 seat cabin (clubsuite 777).
      I would think all lhr 777-300 would easily be upgraded by sept.
      Finally I just searched sept lhr – sea on google flights for ba and it shows 777 “individual suite” which is their term for the club suite (787-9 is “lie flat seat” for example).

  25. Alex de Jong

    I have flown on 6 different reg 777/200 out of LGW and none had new club suite, yet your report said 25/28 89% have been completed? This must 28 777/200 which only work out of LHR?

  26. Firsttotheleft

    FYI 787-10 G-ZBLG was delivered to BA a week or two ago, but ZBLD and ZBLE have not delivered yet. BA currently has five 787-10.
    I’ve also read that BA is showing 787-9 with club suite seat maps on some November bookings. So things are moving along a little

    • premiumflights Post author

      Thank you, added it to the list. We’ve read that as well that the first 787-9 with club suite should be ready end of this year. ZBLD and ZBLE were planned for 2022, we’ve changed that now to 2023.

  27. Jamlady

    Super helpful article! We are scheduled for Club World direct LAX-LHR, BA0268, Boeing 777 Jet and LHR-LAX, BA0283, Airbus A350 Jet in June 2023 with both seat maps showing 1-2-1 configurations. I think we are looking at Club Suites based on the information provided in your post, but please let me know if I am wrong!

  28. Firsttotheleft

    We have first class booked SEA to LHR return in March/April on 777. Originally in a 14 seat cabin map, just recently swapped out to an 8 seat cabin (we lost a reserved window seat).
    Are all 8 seat first class 777 the new first suites with doors? Or are they just tearing out 6 seats and leaving the miserable old 2010 seats?

        • Firsttotheleft

          Thanks for reply. I’ve seen the aerolopa plan but this may be referring to newly manufactured 777-300er which were delivered with new first suites (and club suites of course) already installed.
          What is less clear is what happens in the older 777-300er first cabin when club suites are installed. Certainly it goes from 14 to 8 seats, but do they install the new first seats? No one seems to know.
          But yes they swapped planes on me, probably sending the original one to be refurbed. I doubt SEA-LHR would be on a 200er.

          • Firsttotheleft

            Beating a dead horse here, but… I’m seeing more review videos of 777-300 club suite refurbs with 8 seat first class cabins. The really OLD fold out screen first seat. So they are just removing six seats and leaving the awful oldest product in the fleet. I’m betting all but the 3 new 777 delivered in 2021 will have the old first seats. They are not installing the new first with doors anymore. So the 787-9 and -10 will have the newer First without doors and practically every other plane will have the crappy old seats they first installed on 747s over a decade ago. Broken ife screens, torn stained seats, wobbly tables. A real bummer.

  29. Michelle

    Are the % completion of the refit out still correct for 2023? Wonder if they’ll have Nairobi refitted by July 2023…

  30. Matthew Dore

    Surprised Rio de Janeiro has been made a priority for BA. Anyone know if this is likely to have the new club suite by end of next year?

    • premiumflights Post author

      Not likely, this route is operated by the Boeing 787-8/9 and those are the last ones to be retrofitted.

      • Simon

        Just booked Banglagore and the seat selection is 2-3-2. Your site says above that it should be Club Suite and so 1-2-1. Do you know why there’s a discrepancy?

        • Simon

          Does this mean they are changing the plane from the 777-200 to a 787? It says “confirmed 787” on the booking page with BA.

          • premiumflights Post author

            It looks like that BA is using the 787 now from January to March, thereafter again the 777 with suites. When is your flight?

  31. Scott Rattle

    Do you know if LGW to VAN will be suite planes by August 2023? The seat config for Inbound and Outbound are different.

    • premiumflights Post author

      British Airways haven’t had plans to reconfigure the Gatwick jets anytime soon, but when looking at the seatmap we could find as well some flights to Vancouver(YVR) with a club suite cabin, on a few selected dates starting summer 2023.

  32. Rob Victoria

    Booked Miami to Rome through Heathrow, then back from Rome to Vancouver through Heathrow in March 2023. Seatmap showed 1-2-1 configuration. Since we are going through Heathrow, does that make the chances of the aircraft being changed to something with the old configuration less likely?

    • premiumflights Post author

      At the moment, all aircraft with suites depart from LHR only. Apart from this, most long haul flights depart from Heathrow, with exception to those from London Gatewick, but those are all non suites configuration.

    • Simon Marlborough

      Interesting as we are booked Singapore London BA 12 on nov 25 th and the cabin looks (alas) to be the old club world layout

      • premiumflights Post author

        We’ve looked into it, it looks that Club Suite are planned until the end of October only, for the time being. With a bit of luck, BA will have retrofitted a few more planes, and you will have the suites…

  33. Nancy S

    How can I tell if my BA flight from JFK-LHR and back in mid-late January 2023 will be Club World Suites or old? It lists only Club World and 777 on the flight details.

  34. MK

    We’ve just been informed of seat changes by BA for our flights LHR-NAS (Nassau) in July 2023. These changes seem to indicate a change from a club suite to non-club suite aircraft. Very disappointing given that we’ll be on one of the few 777s which haven’t been updated!
    Any idea if things might change back again by next summer? Or is it just pot luck?

    • premiumflights Post author

      Sadly, it’s just pot luck as you say. The same think happened to me, BA changed from Suites (which I booked) to non-suites, then a month later to suites again, and 4 weeks before my departure to non-suites. If BA sticks to their original plan, 92% of all planes should have suites in 2023, which I doubt.

  35. Bob Young

    Love this site – just what I was looking for. Hoping you can help me on this, especially since even in Business I can’t chose our seats without paying for a seat assignment!?! We’re flying BOS-LHR-JNB late September 2023, then CPT-LHR-BOS early October 2023. Any clue as to whether these will be suites? One odd thing – we booked as AA tix and the BOS-LHR leg on AA says its a 787-900, but on BA it says it’s an A380-800? Thanks!

    • premiumflights Post author

      If your flight number between LHR and BOS is BA212 and BA213 you will have the A380 as shown on BA and sadly no suites.
      LHR-JNB seems to be operated now by an A380 as well, so again, no suites.
      CPT-LHR is operated by planes with Suites.

  36. CJP

    Hey, great site!
    I see 787-8 are in the mix for upgrades to Club Suite format. Here’s my dilemma. I’m planning a Sept ’23 trip to LHR from BNA — Nashville TN. Since that’s a less busy route, is it a fair guess that it will be one of the last to get the updates?
    Since this is a ‘bucket list’ experience (cruise ship return), the flight is part of the fun.
    So… Direct, non-stop to minimize potential travel woes, on what might be the old style?
    Or, Fly through JFK / EWR to get Club Suite? Or, at that point, why not Virgin Atlantic?
    (No particular allegiance / rewards)
    What say you?

    Thanks very much!

    • premiumflights Post author

      For the moment it doesn’t look like you will have club suites to Nashville in September, this can change, but it all depends on how fast BA will retrofit their planes. I guess they are behind the schedule, due to covid and some other excuses 😉
      Through JFK you will have the suites, I can’t tell you what is better BA Suites or Virgin Atlantic, both are great, I would take the cheaper ticket.

        • Joe from Tomball, TX

          Hello. The wife and I are flying to Heathrow from Houston (IAH) in June 2022. BA says 787-9 and seat map looks like old layout not suites. However, this website suggests that it’s the new club suites. I would love for that to be true, since I’ve spent $$ to make this a memorable experience. How can I be sure? Thanks!!

          • premiumflights Post author

            We’ve checked the seatmaps again. This route is operated by Suites, but until now on every single date. Until the end of next year, it seems that they will use the suite cabin for both inbound and outbound flights.

            So, you can still hope to get an airplane with suites, if BA retrofits their planes fast enough.

    • premiumflights Post author

      It looks like BA swapped aircraft on that route recently, this route is now operated by an Airbus 380, and it looks that they will use it in 2023 on that route as well, so no suites 🙁

  37. Michael

    My wife & I are flying out to Male, April next year, BA061 from London Heathrow. Do you know if Club Suite may be available.
    Many Thanks.

    • Gazza

      We’re flying on the same route in March – looking at the layout on Expert Flyer it matches what we saw recently on BA108/9 between LHR and DXB and this was the new Club Suite.

      Layout is showing the same for BA061 – Business in rows 4 to 24 and the 1-2-1 layout.

      SeatGuru was showing the wrong layout for our DXB flights and is showing likewise for Male.

  38. Jackson Stearns

    I am on BA218 next Monday. The flight seat map keeps sending me to the old club world and I’ve checked the registration on the past week’s flights and they all fit into the new club world suites model. I will note, this plane also does not have the option for first class when booking a new flight. Do we know what option we might get?! Hoping for new suites!

  39. Jorge

    Great article!

    I’m flying BA11 in August 23 to Singapore – 787-9 … do you think these will be upgrade to the new suites by then?

    • premiumflights Post author

      As BA is continuing retrofitting all their plans with the new Club Suites, chances will be higher the later you fly. Until now, they haven’t announced anything for that route after March 23.

  40. Sid

    Any update on the LHR-NBO route? Traveling mid November 2022. Seat map still shows the old Club World. Hoping we get the new Club Suite.

  41. Ross

    We are booked on BA181 LHR-EWR on 17 September and was originally a club suite on the seat map but now has changed to the old club world cabin of the 77J variant, it appears that aircraft of this variant have also been flying BA181 recently, so I’m not sure saying all New York flights have club suites is accurate anymore?

  42. Nina

    Any update on whether the LHR > MCO (Orlando) route will have the club suites in September 22? You mentioned BA204 & BA205 have it but not regularly.. is it just randomly allocated? Thanks!

  43. Paddy Wilkinson

    Any further update on Heathrow – Atlanta, still sowing old layout for December but I’m keeping fingers crossed…

  44. Oliver

    I’m flying Gatwick to Doha in April 23 and it currently says a 777-200/300 but the seating plan shows the old club world configuration. The comments here are conflicting that whilst the 777s are all expected to be refurbed.. you’ve said Gatwick flights are lagging behind. Can I expect the club suite for when I fly?

    • premiumflights Post author

      I don’t think that all 777s are refurbished until April 23. As always, there is a difference on how fast they planned to refurbish planes and actually refurbish them.

  45. tom

    Any updat eon when the LHR-SIN-SDY route will have the new suites fitted? I am looking to book in October/November this year so hoping they will have rolled them out on this route

    • premiumflights Post author

      We’ve just read yesterday that this route should get the Club Suite starting October 30, this year.
      Post has been updated now ;).

      • tom

        I thought I had read that somewhere but for the life of me couldn’t find it.

        In your experience are they normally on time with their estimates as I am looking at a flight on the 30th October that is ideal but will look to a later date if they tend to be delayed with their roll out. Obviously with covid nothing is guaranteed these dates but would welcome your thoughts.

  46. John

    I just had my LHR SYD flights on the 787 changed to a 777 with the new suite. This is for end of Jan 23

  47. Ian

    Shame BA have withdrawn the 1-2-1 layout from LHR-Barbados route. Have used the 777-300 3 times over the past year and it was a vast improvement. BA own goal?! Seems crazy on a premium route competing with Virgin.

    • premiumflights Post author

      True, but it is only a matter of time until more planes are retrofitted, so that this route will again be a club suite route.

  48. Francis

    The latest update from BA says “all” 777s will be updated to Club Suite by the end of 2022 but I’ve seen reports that this excludes the Gatwick fleet. Any idea what the plan is for those? We’re flying Gatwick -> Cancun in November and it’s currently showing as Club World.

    • premiumflights Post author

      We don’t think that you will have suites from Gatwick in November, and we have no information at the moment when the Gatwick fleet will have the suites.

  49. Linn

    Are there any news anywhere if they will start flying the club world suites again on LHR-HND? Going in December 2022 and I really don’t want to fly the old rear-facing business class as I like my privacy – considering rebooking to Japan Airlines.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Nothing planned for the moment, can’t see the suites on that route until next year. I think it all depends on how many tourists will actually fly to Japan.

      • Robin

        If BA change an aircraft to Club Suites do they advise passengers? As there will be less seats I would think that they *should * do!
        We’re booked LHR to HND for June 2023.

        • premiumflights Post author

          The last time I’ve booked a BA flight (in April) to Boston, they changed the aircraft from non-suites to suites and back to non-suites. I never got any information…

        • Dev

          I agree and hope they do but you never know with BA service! We are booked for LHR – HND for June 23 too – hoping both that travel restrictions will have dropped and new CS will be available on the 787-9’s by then!

  50. Rob

    It appears that they are flying the new suites on SFO LHR route on the 777 only according to the seat map in October of this year.
    Am I mistaken?


    • premiumflights Post author

      Correct, it seems that BA285 for the outbound and BA284 will have BA suites, starting September. But as always, there’s a chance that they might change that to a later date…

      • Andrew

        Is the 777 route between SFO and LHR (BA284 and 285) currently flying with Club Suites? If not, do you expect there to be Club Suites by June 2023? Thanks for all the great info!

        • premiumflights Post author

          it seems that they use a 777 with suites on ever 2nd or 3rd flight in June. When you book your flight, you have to check the seat map, but that means as well that BA is changing the planes all the time on that route. So you might be lucky, but don’t count on it.

  51. Paddy

    It seems the new club suite is no longer being offered on Heathrow/Atlanta flights.

    I am booked to fly in November 2022 and it was originally confirmed that it would be but just noticed the seat map has been updated to the old layout 🙁

    It’s still being advertised on their website as that route offering the latest cabins though?

    • premiumflights Post author

      For the moment they are not using the club suites on that route, that’s why we have removed it from the list as well. But it might be possible that this route will offer the club suites again in November. It all depends on how quick they will retrofit their planes.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Yes. It looks like BA has planned to use the Club Suites again starting November to Nairobi. But I think that all depends on how fast they will retrofit their planes.

  52. P

    Since there are no flights between LHR-BKK until October 2022 will BA be using this time to refurbish these old ramshackle planes? They were in a sorry state in all classes last time I flew that route.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Well, BA is refurbishing the planes constantly, it’s hard to tell if they have enough planes with Club Suite until October for Bangkok. Only BA knows which routes they want to use their new planes first.

  53. Richard

    Thank you for posting this page.

    However, a word of warning, after reading this page and checking the seat layout for two flights to Nairobi, BA have without notice changed the plane on both flights to the old BA club class.

    I called BA and the representative conceded ‘I am surprise this has happened as this the club suite was advertised internally on this route’.

    Also, no right of cancellation in the circumstances.

    Unfortunately, BA is still the old BA, scoring own goals and dissuading loyalty, so think twice about choosing BA Suite when you have other airline business options which are more reliable.

    We have opted this time to fly to Dubai in the summer with Emirates rather than BA for this reason. Another own goal BA!

    • premiumflights Post author

      Hi, thanks for the comment, and you are absolutely right.

      You should consider this page only as a help to find the Club Suite routes.

      I have myself a flight in April to Boston, BA changed the plane three times already, from no suites to suites and now sadly again to no suites.

      Therefore, we’ve added this sentence already (under 1. All BA Club World Suite Routes):
      Keep in mind that British Airways can change flight equipment at any given time without further notice. For any reason, like an aircraft that is out of service. As you booked a business class flight, you will of course be in business class, but without the new club world suite cabin.

  54. Jenna g

    Looking at BA flights from Bos now and I see seat map is 1 2 1 on both long legs to and from BOS, but seats are not angled like it shows on this page, they are straight forward, is that an indication of older one rather than club?

    • premiumflights Post author

      If seat map is 1-2-1 then it is the club suite. Expertflyers shows them angled, BA show them straight forward, but these are the same seats. Older biz seats are never in a 1-2-1 configuration.

  55. Tom

    I’ve just had my BA7 flight to Tokyo cancelled in mid-March. BA5, BA6 and BA8 are all showing as 787s for that time of year now. Any idea how I can see if there will be any club suite routes for Tokyo at that time now? And what’s the best source of truth outside of BA’s own website

    • premiumflights Post author

      I just checked, it seems that now again BA won’t use the club suite on flights to Tokyo in 2021. They changed that already twice.
      As you mentioned you can check on BA’s website, but you can also check on Google Flights which seems to be very accurate now, or of course Expertflyer but that isn’t for free.

  56. Jacqueline Fletcher-Jones

    Does anyone know whether the London Heathrow to Orlando flights will have the new Club suite August 21?

  57. Az2

    Is the BA7/8 on the TYO route correct? I thought that route was operated by a 777? Flights for next year are showing as having club world, not suite.

    • premiumflights Post author

      Thx for the info, it seems that BA operates this route only from January until end of March with club suites…

  58. Matt

    I have been digging on the routes from Boston with the tail numbers above. When I go through the BA booking site it shows the old 2-3-2 configuration on the BA site.

    The flights would not be until mid November. Is this a BA lack of update or a chance to get an old cabin?

    • premiumflights Post author

      BA booking site is not always up to date.
      I am not sure if they fly already with Club Suites to Boston, maybe they will load the new seat maps after the first flight ?
      But as mentioned, there is never a guarantee.

  59. Doi

    They should put it on the BKK route as that route still have the oldest seats in any class! This 777 3 class need urgent upgrades as everything is broken!

    • premiumflights Post author

      I guess they plan to put the new club world suite on all routes, but that takes time and money 😉

      • Alex Torrance

        I have booked Barbados with BA leaving Heathrow May 2021 and have been given seats in the new Club World suite. They obviously have a upgraded 777 flying Barbados next year.

        • premiumflights Post author

          Thanks for the info, we’ve looked into it, it seems that BA flies to Barbados with an upgraded 777 starting April 2021.

      • premiumflights Post author

        For the moment Club Suite is not planned for that route in 2021. This route is operated by 787-8 or 787-9 which will only be retrofitted in 2021 or even in 2022.


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