American Express: 150.000 Bonus Points (Belgium or Luxembourg)

This is the best offer ever, available for a limited time only, you have to apply for the card before July, 30,2024.

Get up to 150.000!! American Express welcome bonus for new members, this bonus is only available through a referral link. Once you are in possession of an American Express card, you may as well invite family members, friends or other people by a referral link and get additional bonus reward points.

The Bonus link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Points can be converted into airline miles, among other possibilities, explained in this post.


American Express Welcome Bonus

New members will get the following bonus points, and other perks, by applying for one of the different American Express cards:

(more benefits in detail for each American Express card can be found at the bottom of the page)

150.000 Bonus points for the Platinum card

  • NEW: €300/year offered in a selection of restaurants. You have €150 reimbursement in Belgium or Luxembourg and an additional €150 reimbursement in other countries. More than 1,400 restaurants in 20 countries are included.
  • Priority Pass for free (unlimited free airport lounge access for up to 4 people).
  • Gold status with 4 different hotel chains (see below).
  • Gold status with car rentals.

(You have to spend a minimum of 4000€ within the first 3 months to receive the full bonus points)


60.000 Bonus points for the GOLD card

  • €100/year offered in a selection of restaurants in Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg. Participating restaurants can be found here.

You will have 50€ credit for the first half of the year, and another 50€ credit for the second half of the year.

  •  4 times access to Priority Pass airport lounges within one year.
  • 36€ per year reimbursed on your Amazon Prime Belgium subscription or purchases.

(You have to spend a minimum of 2500€ within the first 3 months to receive the full bonus points)



Why should I get an American Express credit card?

All of us spend money every day for daily purchases, like buying food at grocery stores, online purchases like Amazon, fuel stations, restaurants, IKEA and more.

By using your American Express card, you will collect American Express reward points for every Euro spent. Those reward points can be used for many things, like free flight tickets, upgrade to a higher class like business or first class, free stays at hotels or by obtaining gift vouchers in different stores.


The 3 best options for spending your American Express reward points

1. Convert American Express Reward points into Airline Miles

American Express Belgium or Luxembourg Welcome Bonus

This is probably the best option you have, convert your points into Airline Miles.

After you’ve changed your points into miles, you can book tickets for free in any class you want, or upgrade to a higher class. Just make sure you have enough miles.

What are 150.000 welcome bonus points worth?

  • With British Airways and other Oneworld partners. 150.000 American Express points are worth 100.000 Avios!

If you’re booking a Premium economy ticket from London to New York and wish to upgrade one leg to business class, you’ll need, 25.000 Avios, for the Round Trip it would be 50.000 Avios.

Meaning, with this welcome bonus from the American Express card, you could upgrade 2 round trip flights (or 1 flight for 2 persons) from London to New York to Business Class from Premium Economy.

  • With Miles-and-More, 150.000 American Express points are worth 75.000 Miles. A business class Round Trip from Europe to worldwide destination in Business Class starts already at 55.000 Miles with the “Meilenschnäppchen” offer.

You have more possibilities to convert your points to miles with other partners, as shown in this list:

Read more about airline miles and points here.


2. Convert American Express Reward points into Hotel points

You can transfer your American Express points to Hotel chains like Hilton or Marriott, and use these points to get free stays.

3. Convert American Express Reward points into shopping vouchers

Another possibility is to use your reward points for shopping vouchers and buy products via the American Express website. This is usually not a good value compared to transferring the points to airline miles or even hotel points.


How much does the Amex card cost?

  • Amex Platinum: 65€ a month.
  • Amex Gold: 20€ a month.

It is possible to cancel the card at any time, but your bonus points might be waived if you cancel within the first year.


Are there more benefits for American Express cardholders?

As mentioned earlier, you can collect American Express reward points and change them into airline miles for booking or upgrading flights or hotel points for free stays, but there are even more advantages…

American Express Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum card offers the most benefits by far.

American Express Platinum Bonus Belgium Luxembourg with free airport lounge access

  • You’ll receive a free Unlimited Priority Pass, which gives you and your partner access to airport lounges at no cost. To get a free Priority Pass for your partner, you just need to ask for a second Amex Platinum card for them, and this second card is free. Normally, one Unlimited Priority Pass costs 399€ per year. Now that you have two Priority Passes, you can each invite another person to join you, making it a total of up to 4 people. You can read all about Priority Pass here.
  • Gold status with Hilton, Marriott Bonvoy, Melia and Radisson. Once you have the card, you have to log in and visit this page to obtain the gold status with the mentioned hotel brands.
  • €300/year offered in a selection of restaurants, here’s the list of participating restaurants.
  • You get various travel insurance and help for you and your family. This includes coverage for rental cars, trip cancellation, travel accidents, delayed baggage, repatriation, and more.  All the details about insurances can be read here.
  • For car rentals, you will get Avis Preferred and Hertz Gold for free.


American Express Gold Card

Excellent insurances, you can collect Amex points for free.

  • €100/year offered in a selection of restaurants
  • 4 times access to Priority Pass airport lounges within one year.


How to get the Welcome BONUS points?

That’s very easy. Enter your Email address below and choose if you want a Bonus Link for the American Express Platinum Card with 150.000 Bonus points, the GOLD with 60.000 Bonus Points.

We will send you the corresponding link to your Email address.

(Be aware: Some providers will put emails with links into the junk folder)

    (for information: it can take some minutes or sometimes even hours until you will receive an email with your link)


    As we refer you, you will get the bonus as well do we.


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      • premiumflights

        Hello, yes still valid. But American Express website has a few problems at the moment. We will send you the email once it is working again.

    • Jason

      I was about to sign up for Amex platinum and came across your post for 30k bonus. Can you send me the Belgium link? I just clicked on invite button for j********

      • premiumflights

        Hello, email has been sent a few minutes ago. For your information, it can take some time until the 30k bonus will show up on your account.

      • Laurent Keruzec

        Dear Sir,

        could you please provide me with a link to get the Amex gold if I am a Luxembourg resident. I thought it was for US resident only.

        In facture, I am looking to have gold status at Hilton. I Heard that DKB in Germany offered Hilton honors credit card but they will stop at the end of September.

        Laurent Keruzec

        • premiumflights

          Hello, for Hilton Gold status, you will need the American Express Platinum card. You won’t get gold status with Hilton with the American Express Gold card.

      • S

        Thanks for Posting this.

        Is it for former Amex owners as well. I had a platinum and then closed it couple of years ago. So Am I eligible for this offer as well.

        • Miguel Prieto

          As of today I have not received the welcome points. The card was received already in May 2020. I called today the customer service and inquired about the 25,000 points. They said they will check and call me back. Did you get them already on your side?
          Thank you

          • premiumflights

            Hello and thank you for your feedback. No we didn’t get the points neither. We will do in the comming days an Email to those who’ve asked a card via our link. We will collect that data and we will contact American Express.

    • Andrew

      there is also an other bonus for the amex brussels airlines premium
      with 16k Miles for Miles and More.
      and you can collect 1,5 Miles for each 1 € spent.

      • premiumflights

        That’s true.
        It seems you can only apply for that you if you live in Belgium, we tried many times for Luxembourg and it didn’t work.
        And a big disadvantage, you can only collect for Miles and More.
        You collect however more Miles with every € spent, but Miles and More isn’t everybodys favourite program.

        • Andrew

          Thats strange.
          I have applied in September for the premium.
          I live and work in Luxembourg and it was approved directly.
          The card has been delivered within 10 working days.
          If people collect for MM then amex premium is very good product.

        • Mike

          One more big disadvantage is the impossibility for BE/LUX to join automatically the gold Status of several hotel chains (p.ex. Hilton, Marriott, etc) Very, very sad about this.
          While the neighbour countries have this incl.

        • Vincent

          I have tried different browsers and several e-mail addresses but I don’t get the e-mail.
          May I ask you to confirm me the „send button“ is still working for ?
          Many thanks,

          • premiumflights

            Yes, I got it several times. So you say you didn’t get an Email with a link? I will check that immediately, you will get an Email in the next minutes. Sorry for the delay..

            • premiumflights

              You should have received an Email now, I was on my way home from holiday today, and did it via the phone. Apparently, that didn’t work ;).

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