Flash Sale: Buy Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus


Buy Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus, if you buy at least 10'000 points.

You will pay 0.5 cents per point with this promo when you buy with the 100% bonus and receive up to 160'000 points for 800USD.

If you are about to book an hotel, even if it is next year, this could be a good deal if you need additional points despite the actual uncertainty in the travel sector.

Here's the link to the points store.

Buy your points until July 29.



2 comments on “Flash Sale: Buy Hilton Honors points with a 100% bonus

  1. Miguel A

    Hi, I have two questions. 1) Can I buy the points with a newly created account? 2) Can I buy points with several accounts , i.e my partner and use the pool system to combine them?
    If I buy with 3 accounts the maximum number of points, (160,000 + 160,000)*3= 960,000 points = 8 nights in the maldives. Seems a good deal for $4,800. 8 nights at regular price would make $14,400

    • premiumflights Post author

      1) It should be possible to buy points with a new account. I couldn’t see anything in the rules saying that this doesn’t work. An that’s easy to try, create an account and try to buy :).
      2) That’s why the pool system is there, to combine your points. And even if that shouldn’t work you can book for as well for someone else from an account.

      Maldives is a real bargain at the moment if you book with points, I’ve read that on an other blogs too.


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