British Airways Club Suite Routes

The Ultimate Guide for BA Club Suite, all the info you need about routes where you can experience the new BA Club Suite, including flight numbers, plane registrations, retrofit schedules, and more.


Over the last years, BA was not really known to offer an excellent business class product. By introducing their new Club Suite with sliding doors, this has definitely changed now.

British Airways received the first club suite cabin with the A350-1000, in July 2019. The list below shows you all aircraft that are currently equipped with the new Club World Suites. It will grow significantly in the near future, and we will update the list as fast as possible when changes will occur.

There is, of course, still the possibility that dates will change, as not all the planes with the new cabin have arrived yet. This list represents not only the present, but also the future planned routes with the new club suite cabin.

Furthermore, you will also be able to see the last operated routes from a particular aircraft, simply click on the aircraft’s registration number.


  1. All BA Club World Suite routes with FLIGHT NUMBERS
  2. How to check if a BA flight offers the Club World Suite cabin
  3. BA planes that are equipped with Club World Suites
  4. Overview of British Airways planes with Club World Suite by registration number
  5. British Airways Club World Suite destinations in alphabetical order
  6. Club World Suite Flight Review

(last update, JUN 01, 2024)

We publish business class deals from Europe and from North America on a daily basis, also these with the British Airways Club World Suite, when deals appear.


1. All BA Club World Suite Routes

These flights are always to/from London Heathrow.

By clicking on a flight number, you can see on which aircraft flew that route the last 7 days. You may then compare those registration numbers with our “BA Club Suite by registration number list”, to see how often a route is operated by airplanes equipped by the club suite business class.

Furthermore, some few of those routes are not operated every day by the Club World Suite cabin, flight numbers should only be considered as additional information.

Keep in mind that British Airways can change flight equipment at any given time without further notice. For any reason, like an aircraft that is out of service. As you booked a business class flight, you will of course be in business class, but without the new club world suite cabin.


  • Abuja (ABV)

BA82 and BA83

  • Accra (ACC)

BA78 and BA81

  • Capetown (CPT)

BA58 and BA59

  • Johannesburg (JNB)

BA55 and BA54 (not in NOV and DEC)

  • Lagos (LOS)

BA74 and BA75

  • Nairobi (NBO)

BA64 and BA65



  • Bangalore (BLR)

BA118 and BA119

  • Beijing (PKX)

BA88 and BA89

  • Delhi (DEL) (starting end of OCT24)

Usually on both daily flights, check the seatmap for 1-2-1 configuration

  • Hong Kong (HKG)

BA31 and BA32 (April to October by B777)

  • Male (MLE)

BA60 and BA61  (during the winter)

  • Mumbai (BOM)

1 of 2 daily flights, operated by a B777

  • Hyderabad (HYD)

BA276 and BA277

  • Singapore (SIN)

during the winter, operated by a B777

  • Tokyo (HND)

(April to October, operated by an A350)



  • Bahrain (BAH)

BA124 and BA125  (October to April)

  • Dubai (DXB)

different flight numbers, operated by a B777

  • Doha (DOH)

BA122 and BA123 , BA126 and BA127

  • Kuwait (KWI)

BA156 and BA157 

  • Riyadh (RUH)

BA262 and BA263



  • Atlanta (ATL)

BA226 and BA227 (starting OCT24)

  • Austin (AUS)

BA190 and BA191

  • Barbados (BGI)

BA154 ,BA155, BA254 and BA255

  • Bermuda (BDA)

BA158 and BA159

  • Boston (BOS)

BA202 and BA203, BA238 and BA239

  • Chicago (ORD)

different flight numbers by a B777 or B787-10

  • Denver (DEN)

BA219 and BA218

  • Houston (IAH)

BA194 and BA195 

  • Las Vegas (LAS)

BA274 and BA275

  • Los Angeles (LAX)

BA280, BA281, BA282, BA283

  • Nashville (BNA)

BA222 and BA223

  • Nassau (NAS) and Grand Cayman (GCM)

BA253 and BA252 (on MON/WED/FRI)

  • New York (JFK + EWR)

All flights to New York

  • New Orleans (MSY)

BA224 and BA225

Wednesday to Saturday with a B787 or B777.

  • Philadelphia (PHL)

BA66 and BA67

  • Phoenix (PHX)

BA288 and BA289

  • Portland (PDX)

BA266 and BA267  (starting JUL24 to mid-AUG24 only)

  • San Diego (SAN)

BA272 and BA273

  • San Francisco (SFO)

BA286 and BA287

  • Seattle (SEA)

BA48, BA49, BA52, BA53 

  • Toronto (YYZ)

BA92, BA93, BA98 and BA99

  • Washington (IAD)

1 of 2 daily flights, check seat map

  • Vancouver (YVR)

BA84 and BA85



  • Río de Janeiro (GIG)

BA248 and BA249

  • São Paulo (GRU)

BA246 and BA247

  • Buenos Aires (EZE)

via Rio de Janeiro


2. How to check if a British Airways flight offers the new Club World Suite?

All of British Airways’ new Airbus A350-1000 will offer the new Club World Suite.

Since October 2019, the first new Club world Suite cabin has been available in a retrofitted Boeing 777-200 as well. From that moment on, more and more B777-200 are being retrofitted.

In 2020 the new Boeing 787-10 did also receive the club suite cabin.

The way you can tell if an aircraft has the new BA Club World Suite cabin is from the seat map. We use ExpertFlyer to check the seat maps. This is what you need to look out for.

The seat map for the Club Suite looks like this, with a cabin layout that show a 1-2-1 seating arrangement. Older cabins without the club suite do not have a 1-2-1 configuration.

Alternatively, you can also check via Google Flights if the business class seat is shown as “Suite”. However, this will not always work correctly.


3. British Airways planes equipped with the Club World Suite

  • Airbus A350-1000: 18 of 18 (100%)
  • Boeing 777-200: 28 of 31 (90%)
  • Boeing 777-300: 13 of 16 (81%)
  • Boeing 777-9: 0 (12 ordered in total)
  • Boeing 787-10: 8 of 8 (100%, 18 ordered in total)
  • Boeing 787-9: 0 of 18 (0%)
  • Boeing 787-8: 1 of 12 (8%)
  • Airbus A380: 0 of 12 (0%)

Below, in the graph, you can see British Airways’ plans for the rollout of the new cabin.


4. Overview of British Airways planes with Club World Suite by registration number

When you click on a registration, you’ll see a list of the routes that plane has flown in the last 7 days.

Airbus A350-1000:

  1. G-XWBA
  2. G-XWBB
  3. G-XWBC
  4. G-XWBD
  5. G-XWBE
  6. G-XWBF
  7. G-XWBG
  8. G-XWBH
  9. G-XWBI
  10. G-XWBJ
  11. G-XWBK
  12. G-XWBL
  13. G-XWBM
  14. G-XWBN
  15. G-XWBO
  16. G-XWBP
  17. G-XWBR
  18. G-XWBS

Boeing 777-200:

  1. G-RAES
  2. G-VIIA
  3. G-VIIB
  4. G-VIIC
  5. G-VIID
  6. G-VIIE
  7. G-VIIF
  8. G-VIIG
  9. G-VIIH
  10. G-VIIJ
  11. G-VIIK
  12. G-VIIL
  13. G-VIIM
  14. G-VIIN
  15. G-VIIS
  16. G-YMMG
  17. G-YMMH
  18. G-YMMI
  19. G-YMMJ
  20. G-YMMJK
  21. G-YMML
  22. G-YMMN
  23. G-YMMO
  24. G-YMMP
  25. G-YMMR
  26. G-YMMS
  27. G-YMMT
  28. G-YMMU


Boeing 777-300:

  1. G-STBA
  2. G-STBD
  3. G-STBE
  4. G-STBF
  5. G-STBG
  6. G-STBH
  7. G-STBJ
  8. G-STBK
  9. G-STBL
  10. G-STBM
  11. G-STBN
  12. G-STBO
  13. G-STBP


Boeing 787-8:

  1. G-ZBJA


Boeing 787-10:

  1. G-ZBLA
  2. G-ZBLB
  3. G-ZBLC
  4. G-ZBLD
  5. G-ZBLE
  6. G-ZBLF
  7. G-ZBLG
  8. G-ZBLH
  9. G-ZBLI – Due in 2024
  10. G-ZBLJ – Due in 2024
  11. G-ZBLK – Due in 2024
  12. G-ZBLL – Due in 2024
  13. G-ZBLM – Due in 2025
  14. G-ZBLN – Due in 2025/26
  15. G-ZBLO – Due in 2025/26
  16. G-ZBLP – Due in 2025/26
  17. G-ZBLR – Due in 2025/26
  18. G-ZBLS – Due in 2026


5. Destinations that are or will be operated by British Airways Club World Suite cabin.

Here is the summarized list in alphabetical order (important check flight numbers above):

  1. Abuja (ABV)
  2. Accra (ACC)
  3. Atlanta (ATL)
  4. Austin (AUS)
  5. Bahrain (BAH)
  6. Bangalore (BLR)
  7. Barbados (BWI)
  8. Beijing (PKX)
  9. Bermuda (BDA)
  10. Boston (BOS)
  11. Capetown (CPT)
  12. Chicago (ORD)
  13. Denver (DEN)
  14. Doha (DOH)
  15. Dubai (DXB)
  16. Houston (IAH)
  17. Hong Kong (HKG)
  18. Hyderabad (HYD)
  19. Kuwait (KWI)
  20. Lagos (LOS)
  21. Las Vegas (LAS)
  22. Los Angeles (LAX)
  23. Male (MLE)
  24. Mumbai (BOM)
  25. Nairobi (NBO)
  26. Nassau (NAS)
  27. New Orleans (MSY)
  28. New York (JFK)
  29. New York (EWR)
  30. Phoenix (PHX)
  31. Portland (PDX)
  32. Rio de Janeiro (GIG)
  33. Riyadh (RUH)
  34. San Diego (SAN)
  35. San Francisco (SFO)
  36. São Paulo (GRU)
  37. Seattle (SEA)
  38. Singapore (SIN)
  39. Tokyo (HND)
  40. Washington (IAD)
  41. Vancouver (YVR)


6. Flight Review BA Club World Suite

We’ve reviewed British Airways’ new business class club suite (here), on its first commercial flight from Madrid to London Heathrow.

Here is a small video from BA of the Club World Suite cabin:



Frequently Asked Question

How many British Airways planes are equipped with Club World Suite?

68 planes are currently equipped with a Club World Suite cabin. 18 Airbus A350-1000, 28 retrofitted Boeing 777-200, 13 retrofitted Boeing 777-300, 1 Boeing 787-8, 8 Boeing 787-10

When will all British Airways long haul planes be equipped with the Club World Suite cabin?

It was expected that by the end of 2025 all long haul planes would be equipped with the Club World Suite cabin, 33% by 2020, 52% by 2021, 79% by 2022 and 92% by 2023


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  • Arjun

    There is a typo on the to be destinations of Club Suites. For New Orleans, its supposed to be MSY, but you wrote MSZ. Thanks.

    • premiumflights

      It seems the 777 is planned for APR2025 only, that will be the club suites, until then it will be the A380 with old configuration.

  • Summer


    not sure is club world same as Club world suite?
    want to know if BA15 / BA11 (London to SG) route come with Club World Suite? hope can get some information. thanks

    • premiumflights

      Club World is not Club world SUITE, it’s the old configuration.

      With SG I guess you mean Singapore.
      At the moment, that route is operated by a 787 or A380, both without Club Suites. During the winter, one of two daily flights are operated by a 777 with Club Suites.

  • Zack

    It seems like flight 229/228 to/from Baltimore (BWI) will begin to be operated by a Club Suite equipped 777 beginning October 27, 2024. Obviously they could scuttle that between now and then but that would be a welcome change.

  • Karen

    Greetings! Thank you for this awesome article!

    I am looking for the flight from IST to JFK (via LHR) on the end of May.

    On BA the official website it lets you choose between Business and First class with following descriptions:

    for Business class: A spacious seat that converts into a 6ft fully flat bed and Separate cabin offering more privacy, personal space and comfort

    for First class: A spacious seat that converts into a 6ft 6in fully flat bed and Separate cabin offering more privacy, personal space and comfort

    Now, on its official website BA states that Club suite offers “A larger 198cm (6ft 6in) fully flat bed and plenty of extra storage space”

    So the question is which class should i choose to get the Club Suite, Business or First?

    Also, on seatguru is shows old Club World configuration…is this info outdated?

    Thank you!

    • premiumflights

      Seatguru is outdated.
      Choose business class and you will get the club suite, as the route LHR-JFK is operated by planes with club suites only.

    • Leonidas

      If it’s the one leaving at 8:25 then you travel to Heathrow with A320neo and then 777 with Club Suite to JFK

  • Peter

    Hi, I’m looking to travel to Portland(USA) from London, the outbound from Heathrow is Club Suites but the return is the old Yinyang seats.
    Any idea why this is, thanks in advance?

    • premiumflights

      It seems that the route is only operated by suites from July to mid-August. I guess your flight to Portland is in that period and the flight back to London outside that date range.

    • Tom

      Hi, we have a flight booked from SYD – LHR via SGP end of June, says on the website it is a 787 then an Airbus A380, doesn’t show a club suite seating plan, assuming it will be the old layout and won’t be much luck of it changing?

  • Andy Cousins

    Flying to Cancun from LGW in February. Currently showing the old configuration For BA2203 and return. Any chance this plane will be subject of a refit before Feb 25?

      • LincolnP

        I booked my flight 9 April 2024 for a flight in January 2025 and when I did, the seat map was showing as club suite for both flights! This is actually the reason I booked these flights… I checked the seating map now and it is now the old CW in 2-3-2!

        Is there anything I can do about it? I don’t like being lied as CW in non club suite is considerably worse compared to club suite and hence not worth the value of it

  • Jessica

    Flying from Johannesburg to London in September 2024. Flight number BA54, it is showing a 1-2-1 confirguration but I can’t seem to figure out if it is the suite or not.



  • Suzi Beaton

    Hi I’m booked on flight from JNB to LHR end of July 24. We are in the upper deck and it’s 2 seats together. 1 front facing the other rear facing. Does this mean it’s not Club Suite?

    We are flying out LHR to CPT and it’s 1-2-1 configuration and I believe they have rolled out Club Suite on this route? Thanks for any info

  • Mike


    i just booked a ba32/ba31 (Boeing 777) flight in august from HKG to LHR which shows a 1-2-1 seat layout. However, whats not clear is whether the cabin is club suite equipped. I called the CS team and they said it wasnt club suite equipped for the asia flights. Im not sure if they’re right but from your info i would have thought it was club suite – any thoughts?

  • raif

    I booked club world seats to miami next year 2025 begining of Feb departure , at the time of booking seats were showing B787/10 aircraft club suites on BA209/208 but suddenly now changed to A380 again and now subsequently my seats number changed again which i had paid for… As you mention from november 2024 BA209/208 should be operating 787/10 , or its too early see which aircraft will be operating..many thanks ,very best

    • premiumflights

      Hi, no it’s not too early. Unfortunately, it looks that BA changed their plans again, Miami will now be operated twice a day by an A380 from November. The moment you booked their plan was once a day by a 787-10, but not anymore now 🙁

  • Shiv

    Hello, looking at booking LHR to BOM (mumbai), however very recently the planes appeared to have changed…
    BA199 was B787-9, now it is B777-200
    BA139 is other way round, was B777 now B787
    BA135 seems to have kept the B787-9…

    Unsure of which to choose, particularly as Google flights says that in July the BA139 will have “individual suites” i.e. club suites still, despite it potentially being a 787-9…

    Any ideas?
    Thanks very much

    • shamit shah

      can’t believe they have done this. Honestly Looks like they have taken the 777 out of all three flights to Mumbai. Left us with a 787 with the old BC cabins

      • premiumflights

        Where did you get that information from? I can see at least one flight a day that is operated by club suites and starting 2025 all flights seems to have the club suites.

        • shamit shah

          So i am flying out on the 1307 but if you look from the 1st July they and scroll through the dates they have stopped flying the new club suites and have just replaced it all with 787 Looks like its from 1st July to the 29th July

          • shamit shah

            sorry from the 3rd July to the 29th July there is no flights with club suites. It looks like its just for that period.

  • Nish

    Firstly – AMAZING research! Thank you for doing this.

    I’m flying to Rio in October and currently it looks like it’s the old Club World setup. Is it fair to assume that the premium economy setup will also be dated? Or will it be the new(er) style?


  • David Felton


    Your first list on Club Suite routes includes BA088 from Beijing starting in April this year, but Beijing is not included on the second route list further down in your article. Can you confirm which is correct?


    • Chloe Hold

      The above information suggests the suites will be available on the BA007 to Tokyo from April, but our flight in Nov is showing as operating on a 787, are they likely to revert back for winter operations?

      Thank you ☺️

      • premiumflights

        Yes, correct, from April until October that route is operated daily by an A350 with suites and by a 787 without suites. Starting November it is only operated once a day by a 787, and unfortunately without suites.

  • Gavin

    I am looking to fly London – Tokyo next year but can’t easily work out which flights will have the new club suite config. Does anyone have any tips please?

  • Jay

    Hi, im wanting to book a flight to Brazil (sao paulo GRU) next year. But only want to travel on the new club world suites.

    Flight is from LHR on a Thursday 13th feb 2025 BA0247 and returns on Tuesday 25th Feb 2025 BA0246. Currently this is listed as an Airbus A350 jet and i think according to the information on your website this will have the new club world suite?

    What are the chances this may change becuase its 1 year away and does the day we fly on change what airplanes they may use for this route? (and put as at risk of them using an older plane with the old business class seats?)


    • premiumflights

      Chances are high, this route is operated regulary by club world suites, and BA is retrofitting more and more planes. But there is for no route a 100% guarantee, as an aircraft might get an issue at last minute and might be replaced by an aircraft with or without club suite.

  • Matt

    I see that BA217 (LHR-IAD) has been switched from a 777 (CS) to a 787-9 (old 2-3-2 seating) on April 5, 2024. What are the chances this gets switched to a 787-10 or back to a 777-200/300 within the next 2 months? Really bummed that its not the new CS anymore on the flight back to the U.S! I’d think they’d want the new product on the Washington D.C route…or I’m just being greedy!

    • premiumflights

      Looking at the seatmaps, it seems that the second daily flight BA292/BA293 is now operated by a 777 with BA suites.
      But starting May, it is again BA216/BA217 that is operated by a 777 with BA Suites and the second flight will be on a A380 (without suites)

  • Brad

    Hi there,

    Eager to try the new club suite so booked a return flight (BA252) Nassau to LHR back in December for July 24 showing the new layout. Looked again today and it’s changed to the old 242 layout. Flightaware showing planes used since the start of Jan are those with old layout (VIIV predominantly). Any idea if it should/will change back again come July when I fly? Or are they keeping the old planes on this route for the forseebale? Many thanks 🙂

    • premiumflights

      I just took a look at planefinder, the route is still operated on some days by club suites, as written in the post the best chances are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and sometimes also Sundays.

  • jay

    Hi we are thinking about flying from UK Gatwick to mexico (cancun) in December 2024. Current flights are listed as BA2203 for outbound and BA2202 for inbound

    Would these planes have the new club world suites fitted or would it be the old style business class seats?


    • James

      BA gatwick 777’s have a refreshed version of the old club world seat. We went to Cancun on our honeymoon last August and th experience was pleasant but sadly no club suites expected at Gatwick as i understand it. Enjoy Cancun!

    • Liam


      I wanted to treat the wife to a club suite flight for our holiday in September to Abu Dhabi.

      BA are just restarting daily direct flights LHR-AUH however it seems it’ll be a 787-9. Do you think this is likely to change in the next 6 months or so considering your information on further retrofitting?

      Failing that, are there any flights to Dubai with CS? We’re happy to drive down the coast to our hotel instead.

      Cheers 🙂

      • Wen

        I tried to book London Heathrow to Hong Kong on 29th October 2024 and the seat map looks old. But It’s ba31/32. Any ideas? Is it cuz it’s end of October and they’re moving back to the old planes? Why do they change over the old planes vs new planes anyway part way through the year?

        • premiumflights

          Yes, it is because it is end of October.
          Airlines have summer and winter flight plans, and they change planes accordingly.

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