British Airways Executive Club – Part 6, Tier point runs in the rest of the world

Top tier point runs outside Europe.


We try to summarize some nice tier point runs not originating in Europe which are widely available to book and don't need a promotional fare. Furthermore, we provide you with examples which are not too crazy, and we only look into fares in business or first class.

Tier point runs out of the rest of the world

Malaysia Airlines to Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur or Penang in business for 280/360 tier points and 400/500€

tier point runs

Malaysia Airlines always offers good fares to Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur, and one single leg will earn you 140 tier points in business class. For a return flight you will earn 280 tier points.

From Penang, the flights are just a little more expensive and you will earn and extra 80 tier points for a total of 360 tier points.

  • From Kuala Lumpur for under 400
  • From Penang for under 500


Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur or Penang to Asia in business for 280/360 tier points from 500€/600€

tier point runs

A couple of more cities in Asia are available for a decent price which will give you 140 tier points per leg. Also here, flights from Penang are just a little bit more expesive and you earn an additional 80 tier points. Some Examples:

  • To Beijing under 670
  • To Shanghai under 500
  • To Taipei under 500
  • To Seoul under 700

Flights from Penang are usually around 100€ more expensive for the extra 80 tier points.


SriLankan from Jakarta to United Arab Emirates in business for 560 tier points under 800€

tier point runs

These flights via Colombo will give you an excellent value for money in terms of tier points, as you will earn 140 tier points for each and every leg for a total of 560 tier points. This means that with a single return flight you are already very close to the needed 600 tier points for the silver status.

  • To Dubai under 900€
  • To Bahrain under 850€
  • To Abu Dhabi under 900€


American transcontinental flights in the US for 420 tier points in domestic first class from 870$

Not the best tier point/money ratio, but at least you will earn 420 of them if you book into domestic first and you will have a nonstop flight. Convenient if you happen to travel the US anyway. Many city pairs are available, from the east to the west coast and vice versa. The one giving you the best price is probably Los Angeles to Orlando return for 870$

tier point runs


SriLankan from Chennai to Dubai in business for 360 tier points under 600€

The extra flight from Chennai to Dubai will earn you 40 tier points per leg and Colombo to Dubai as mentioned before another 140 tier points per leg.


Cathay from Guangzhou to Bangkok or Taipei in business for 160 tier points under 450€ (often cheaper, around 350€ during sales)

With Cathay or Cathay Dragon you have some fares via Hong Kong which are not to expensive but not really cheap either. The return flights will earn you 160 tier points. They are interesting if you need a positioning flight out of China, as many more Chinese cities are available for 100€ more. For these routes, sales are often available reducing the price drastically.

  • To Bangkok under 600€
  • To Taipei under 470€



As you can see, many ways exist around the world to earn you the tier points you need to reach your desired status level. You can easily combine these flights with a nice holiday.


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5 comments on “British Airways Executive Club – Part 6, Tier point runs in the rest of the world

  1. Joanna Yu

    your tier point run prices are so outdated as to be irrelevant.
    example: you suggest CGK-CMB-AUH and return and give 800 euro as the price.
    in reality it is now over 2200 euro.
    (the opposite direction: AUH-CMB-CGK RT is still good for 800 euro)

    you should update your blog so it stays relevant

    best regards

    • premiumflights

      Well this one was posted September 2018, at that time it was a tier point run with a good price.
      We can’t update every single post all the time ;). We have 1832 diferent posts, we try to update all deals when they expire, but it is possible that we miss some…

      But it is a good idea to post new tier points run in the near future, and we will do that.




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