British Airways: Tier point runs out of Luxembourg. 160/240 tier points for 260€/368€

Expired for the moment, we will update the post as soon as a new sale is available.

With British Airways and departure out of Luxembourg, you can realize some nice tier point runs for the moment ranging from 80 – 240 tier points.

The following destinations and tier point runs are available for a good price:

  • To London return for 157€ and 80 tier points         
  • To Dublin return for 260€ and 160 tier points     
  • To Amsterdam return for 261€ and 160 tier points 
  • To Manchester return for 261€ and 160 tier points 
  • To Edinburgh return for 262€ and 160 tier points   
  • To Venice return for 265€ and 160 tier points         
  • To Bucharest return for 380€ and 240 tier points   
  • To Helsinki return for 368€ and 240 tier points  
  • To Istanbul return for 410€ and 240tier points       
  • To Malta return for 405€ and 240 tier points           


You could combine 2 single bookings to earn even more tier points with more flights. If you play a little bit with the dates 2 day trips are possible for most of the destinations, mostly from January onward.


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