Business class European cities to South and North America 950€


Iberia is offering up to 25% off when you buy gift cards. You can use those gift cards for yourself of course.

With 25% off you can get some cheap business class flights from different cities in Europe. This offer is available until 2nd May 2021 only.

The latest permitted travel date and expiry date of those cards is 04/30/2022, so one 1 year from now on.

Valid for direct and connecting flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

If you buy a gift card for 500€ you will only have to pay 375€, that's 25% off.

But if you buy a gift card for the entire amount for a ticket, you won't get 25% off, that only counts for the 500€ gift cards.

For example Milan to Buenos Aires costs 1459€, when you buy a gift card for 1459€ you have to pay 1313€.

To have 1459€ in gift cards you could buy 3 times the 500€ gift card, for 375€ each, that makes a total of 1125€ only, for 1500€ gift cards. According to Iberia's website you can combine up to 9 vouchers/gift cards.


How to Book

You have to buy your gift cards here, and use them on Iberia's website.

Below you can find prices in business class, after using your gift cards, and available travel dates, all flights from Madrid are nonstop.

  • Madrid to São Paulo 950€ (May to August)
  • Madrid to New York 1125€ (September – March 22)
  • Madrid to Miami 1125€ (September – March 22)
  • Madrid to Bogotá  1125€ (August- December, from January to March around 1200€)
  • Madrid to Lima  1125€ ( May-November)
  • Rome or Milan to Buenos Aires 1125€ ( June – August)
  • Rome or Milan to Havana 1125€ ( May-June)
  • Rome or Milan to Lima  1125€ ( May-December)
  • Lisbon to Mexico City  1138€ (November – March 22)
  • Lisbon to Buenos Aires  1125€ ( June – August)
  • Amsterdam to Bogotá  1125€ (September – December)
  • Paris to Quito  1197€ (July – December)
  • Brussels to Havana 1260€ (July – November)

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