Copenhagen/Stockholm to Worldwide Destinations from 770€ in Business Class

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Big X-Mas sale, up to 40%, in Business class with Star Alliance.

This is a partner sale, so you need to buy at least 2 tickets to get those prices.

Availability is not granted for every single date and depends a lot on the desired destination.

How to Book

(Prices displayed below are for 1 person.)

From Copenhagen:

To be booked direct via Lufthansa’s X-mas sale page

Bangkok from 6399 DKK (momondo 820€)
Beijing from 9799 DKK
Capetown from 10799 DKK
Delhi from 9099 DKK
Dubai from 8999 DKK
Johannesburg from 10599 DKK
Krabi from 9099 DKK
Mahe Island from 11299 DKK
Male from 12999 DKK
Mauritius from 15299 DKK
Nairobi from 10499 DKK
Phuket from 7599 DKK
Punta Cana from 11299 DKK
Sao Paulo from 10399 DKK
Seoul from 11699 DKK
Shanghai from 9099 DKK
Singapore from 9599 DKK
Zanzibar from 12499 DKK


From Stockholm:

To be booked direct via Lufthansa’s X-mas sale page

Bangkok from 7899 SEK
Beijing from 12799 SEK
Capetown from 15599 SEK
Delhi from 11099 SEK
Dubai from 9699 SEK
Johannesburg from 11899 SEK
Krabi from 11999 SEK
Mahe Island from 16599 SEK
Male from 16999 SEK
Mauritius from 17699 SEK
Nairobi from 11299 SEK
Phuket from 9499 SEK
Punta Cana from 14999 SEK
Sao Paulo from 13399 SEK
Seoul from 10899 SEK
Shanghai from 12599 SEK
Singapore from 10999 SEK
Zanzibar from 12899 SEK


Travel Dates



Sales Restrictions

This offer is valid for sale until 11 January 2022

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