CyberWEEKEND: 20% off Buisness Class (with Examples)


TAP is offering a promocode from Europe and North America that gives you 20% discount on flights.

Promocode is available until tomorrow, 21 November. The promocode is available from EU/UK to North/Central America and vice versa.

Here a few examples in Business class (many more available), after applying the voucher:

  • Dublin to New York 914€
  • Madrid to Boston 1037€
  • Boston to Rome $1300
  • New York to London $1400

How to Book

You have to enter one of the following promocodes, depending on the country you are departing from. At the bottom of the page, we will show you where you can enter the promocode.

Promo Code: CYBER21EUR from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.

Promo Code: CYBER21CAD from Canada
Promo Code: CYBER21CZK from Czech Republic
Promo Code: CYBER21DKK from Denmark
Promo Code: CYBER21NOK from Norway
Promo Code: CYBER21SEK from Sweden
Promo Code: CYBER21CHF from Switzerland
Promo Code: CYBER21GBP from United Kingdom
Promo Code: CYBER21USD from United States
Promo Code: CYBER21PLN from Poland

Travel Dates

16 January to 31 May 2022.

Blackout Dates: 20 February to 12 March 2022 and 1 April to 25 April 2022

How to use the coupon:

Click on “Show advanced search”

In the field Promocode enter the code that applies for your country and click on “Use discount”. In this example, CYBER21EUR as the flight leaves from Madrid.

In the next step, enter your desired dates and select your flights. The prices shown when you select your flight are without the 20% discount. Only after selecting the out- and inbound flight, you will see the final price in the upper right corner.

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