Flight Review: Air Canada Business class A220-300 (2023)

In Summer 2023, we flew with Air Canada in Business Class on their A220-300 between Montreal and Chicago, this is our Air Canada Business class review.


Passengers travelling in business class had access to special check-in desks and security lanes, guaranteeing a quick and easy process.

Business class passengers did not, however, have access to the fast-track queue for immigration (note, for flights to the US, immigration is handled in Montreal before accessing the airside part of the airport). As a result, the immigration procedure took us longer than 30 minutes.

Our flight left from the transborder sector, so we had access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, which is next to gate 73 and we have reviewed here.

Air Canada Business class review lounge
Air Canada Business class review lounge access


The seating is arranged in a 2-2 pattern in the business class cabin. Although the seats are reasonably comfortable, it’s crucial to remember that they have a limited ability to recline. These seats have a little footrest, which we found to be of limited use after using it. The pictures below show how it is situated in a way that might not be as ergonomically beneficial as one might anticipate.

Although it doesn’t quite cross the line into what one may consider truly generous, the legroom is acceptable. This is partly due to the presence of the before mentioned footrest, which can be fairly invasive.

The fact that every seat in this Business class arrangement has its own air vent enhances passenger comfort. Additionally, the headrest can be altered by the passengers for a more customized and pleasant experience. There is a collapsible table that can be utilized for dining or work purposes. Additionally, each passenger has access to a power outlet, guaranteeing that their electronic devices are kept charged the entire journey. Although there is some storage space offered, it is important to note that it is very limited.

Air Canada Business class review legroom
Air Canada Business class – limited legroom

Food and Drinks

There were no pre-departure beverages provided, and no food menu was available.

The cabin crew began taking drink requests shortly after take-off, and we decided to order a Gin and Tonic, which the crew had already pre-mixed in the galley.

A tiny cold plate with a delicious tuna salad was delivered as the dinner following the drinks service. Although the salad was delicious, considering the two and a half hour journey, one may expect a proper appetizer and not simply a bowl of nuts. It’s important to note that there was no dessert.

Furthermore, a second round of beverages was not automatically offered; we had to actively request one.

Air Canada Business class review meal
Air Canada Business class – meal

Other Amenities

After take-off, passengers were given a heated towel and a pair of simple headphones to use for the in-flight entertainment system.

Speaking of entertainment, the onboard system is ideal for a short flight, providing a variety of films, TV shows, and music to keep passengers occupied during the flight.

Regarding the restrooms, they follow the typical layout seen on most aircraft, guaranteeing that passengers have access to the amenities they need in a very limited amount of space.


The onboard service fell short of expectations.

Initially, only a single round of drinks was offered, and subsequently, the crew’s presence and attention to the needs of business class passengers became noticeably limited, almost to the point of being virtually absent.

Bottom Line

Seats are below average standards, as is the level of service provided on our particular flight.

However, it should be noted that legroom in business class is significantly more spacious than in economy class.

With the basic benefits that come with it, if you can strike a deal at the right price, Air Canada business class on short-haul routes might be an interesting consideration.

Review Air Canada Business class arrival
Review Air Canada Business class arrival at ORD

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