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Flight Review: British Airways Club World Suite A350-1000

Review of the first commercial flight with British Airways new A350-1000 in the brand-new club world suite between Madrid and London.


The A350-1000 is really quiet during the flight.  In terms of cabin pressure and humidity, the aircraft is a huge improvement compared to the 777s or old 747s still in service for BA.
The British Airways Club World Suite is divided into 2 sections, one with 11 rows and one with 3 rows. Each row contains 4 suites with direct aisle access.

British Airways new A350



Boarding was very efficient. They divided people in 5 different groups as shown on their boarding passes with pre-defined lanes to board the plane. To my surprise, the people in Madrid stuck to these lines, this time.


The Seat (Suite)

The seat in British Airways World Club, or better say the suite, is simply gorgeous. Let’s begin by the seat itself.
We had a mattress pad already attached to the seat which felt really good both, to sit and to lie on. The seat can be adjusted by all possible means with a small touchscreen attached on your left-hand side. Even in the upright position, the seat feels very comfortable.

world club suitesba world club suiteba club suite

british airways world club suite

ba club suite touchscreen

club suite bed

ba world club suite sliding door

In the lie flat position, your feet will be positioned under the suite in front of you. However, when I tested the lie flat position, I did not have the feeling that there is not enough space. Due to the door and the adjustable armrest, even side sleepers should not have a problem finding some sleep here.

world club suite footrest

The seat belt is one you would also find in your car and did not bother me.

world club suite matress pad
I opted in for seat 10A, which offers 2 windows.

The table is under your TV screen and can be slid out and adjusted to 2 positions, it can be folded as well to make it smaller.

The only drawback with British Airways Club World Suite might be, as so often in our days, the storage possibilities. You have one “larger” space, a very small one to place some magazines in (where a mirror is included which is a nice touch), another small one sufficient for a mobile phone and finally one close to your feet which is good for a bottle of water. However, during take off and landing, the storage space near your feet has to be empty. To give you an overview, I was not able to store the case of my Bose noise-cancelling headphones anywhere.


The entertainment screen is state of the art, definitely big enough and touchscreen of course. Entertainment is now available from gate to gate, which is really good. A small digital remote with another small screen is located in one of the storage spaces and looking quite futuristic.

An international power socket, an USB charging pod and the possibility to load your media to the entertainment screen are all located in one of the spaces on your left-hand side. A reading light is located within the seat as well. Personal air vents are not available, but the air felt good the whole flight long.

Other services

Unfortunately, on this short flight with British Airways Club World Suite, no amenity kits were distributed. The pillow however was excellent, fluffy and of a decent size.
Wi-Fi is also available during the flight, however prices are really a joke. 4.99£ for 25Mb up to 17.99£ for 150Mb and no option to choose for the whole flight. Definitely big room for improvement exists here. Specially since they are advertising you to use Netflix, with those Wi-Fi packages, that would literally be money printing for BA. The speed seems to be marginal as well as you see from the test, I bought the small package to see if Wi-Fi does actually work and it did.

Toilets are as usual, very small and nothing fancy or improvement here.

Food & Drinks

Due to the fact that it is a short haul flight, we did not receive a pre-departure drink. Menus were not distributed, but we had the choice between chicken curry, smoked salmon or salad. I opted in for the chicken curry, which was very good. It came on a tray with a small starter, some cheese and a delicious dessert.

Two rounds of drinks were served, one before and one after our meal, as well as coffee.

A small kitchenette is available between the 2 business class cabins, however it was not in use on our flight.


Staff was extremely friendly and offered a couple of times to show us all the new features of our seats and asked passengers how they are doing. This was probably the best service I ever encountered on board of a British Airways flight.

Dimmed light during night



The new British Airways World Club Suite is a huge improvement over their old business class, and now BA has probably one of the best business class seats currently out there. You should definitely try this new, excellent product.

However, in terms of onboard Wi-Fi, there is room for improvement.


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  • Aitor P


    Loving your site.

    Im flying PDX – LHR on a 1-2-1 config, Herringbone in Biz class. (B787)
    Wondering what to expect. Ticket states Club World.

  • Harry Natt

    I’ve just come across your website, what a great knowledge bank!
    I’m flying to New Delhi in October this year with British airways in business class. Seats are showing up as 1-2-1 configuration on the seat map. Is this the old business class or new club suite ?

    • premiumflights

      Hi, I’ve just looked into it. It seems that the route LHR-DEL will be operated by the new club suite starting end of October.
      But there’s no guarantee until they start flying that route, and the date could be postponed.

      We’ve added Delhi to the list in our BA Club Suite Routes post.

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