Flight review: Delta Air Lines Business class B767 Atlanta to Munich

Flight review Delta Air Lines business class B767 Atlanta to Munich in January 2019.


The flight had some delay, so we were waiting for about 20 minuted before boarding started.
Boarding started with families with young children and people needing assistance, then military, and after around 50 passengers it was time for Sky”Priority” and business class passengers.


The flight was on an old B767. WiFi on board was complimentary, but only for text messages.


Delta Airlines Business Class, called Delta ONE, was set up with a staggered, so-called Sogerma Solstys seat layout, whereby the foot compartment for each seat is located between and/or under the seat(s) ahead.

The seats weren’t comfortable at all, they had a massage function, but I wouldn’t call that a massage.

In the lie flat position the seats were not good either. Seats are too narrow also for your feet. Seats are not really 180 degree flat, and I slept only a few hours because I was really tired.

Each seat had its own power socket and an USB slot. The storage was a problem too, as no place at all to put a phone or a briefcase was available.

These seats offer no privacy due to the configuration, I would say they could be good if you travel as a couple or as a family, because you have eye contact, but the seats aren’t good at all and I would recommend them for nobody.

Bedding however was good, the blanket was light and cozy, and the pillow was large and soft.

review delta airlines business class review delta airlines business class


The entertainment system screen was small and old, touchscreen was so bad that you had to use the remote, the selection of movies and audio was big enough.

review delta airlines business classreview delta airlines business class

LSTN-branded noise-canceling headphones were provided as in the A330, they are fine, but not as good as Bose’s QuietComfort headset

review delta business

(picture from the A330)


The hard case Tumi amenity kit from Delta Air Lines on this B767 was the best thing about this flight, it is very good in terms of quality, and has nice products from KIEHL`S inside of it.

review delta business

(photo of Tumi Kit in the A330 with same products)

Food & Drinks

I received a pre-departure drink pretty quickly after being on board. I choose a glass of Champagne, it was nothing special, but OK as a pre-departure drink, I guess the same as on the A330.

During the flight I choose a Gin&Tonic as always, Bombay Gin and a standard Tonic, again nothing special but OK.

review delta airlines business class

review delta airlines business class

review delta airlines business class


review delta airlines business class

Main Course (Braised Beef)

review delta airlines business class



review delta airlines business class

review delta airlines business class


The food was not good, I think you can even see that on the pictures.

I didn’t choose wine, but a 2nd Gin&Tonic, I had wine on the outbound flight and it really was nothing special.

Only after my cup of coffee was half empty, they asked if I needed sugar or milk.


Service on Delta Air Lines was the worst I have ever experienced on any flight so far. One flight attendant was sort of friendly, the rest just rude. During the night they were running up and down the corridor, on of them with a mobile phone in the hand with the flashlight on.

They made noise the whole night in their “kitchen”, making it really hard to sleep in those narrow uncomfortable seats. As I went to the toilette during the night, one attendant bumped into me, I said sorry even though it wasn’t my fault, but i was just me apologizing, a nogo.


We arrived with a delay due to the late boarding. Leaving the aircraft was OK, we left through the front door,  this time before the economy passengers.


I think that this was my last trip with Delta and I will not fly with them again. My last flight with the A330 was already not great but this time it was really bad and probably it was my worst flight in business class ever.

What is positive to say?

  • You have free WiFi, but as it was only for text messages, I wouldn´t call that free WiFi. For “real” WiFi you had to pay.
  • Tumy amenity kit is really good.
  • The temperature onboard was good, not to hot or cold.

I would choose Iberia, British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Swiss, Austrian… and many more over Delta Air Lines B767 and A330 due to the service and the bad seats.


Here’s a photo of the seats (not from this flight), those seats on the picture look not so old and were used on my flight, I didn’t take a picture as it was to crowded all the time, they were boarding very quick to try to catch up some time.

review delta airlines business class

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  • JK

    Your experience was the same as mine. The flight from Munich to Tampa via Atlanta was a 767 plane which was beat up, nothing worked including the seat power. The food out of Munich was surprisingly bad. Sand in my salad and the rest was foul. I skipped the breakfast. I had not flown Delta in probably 10 years and this one flight was a reminder to never fly them again. Too many other options.

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