Flight Review: KLM Business class Boeing 787-9

KLM Business class review between Las Vegas and Amsterdam, operated by a Dreamliner Boeing 787-9.


The boarding at Las Vegas airport was well organized. Boarding was done in groups, with the usual priorities. Self-Boarding Gates were available, an automated solution that allows passengers to scan a boarding pass and board the aircraft through an automated biometric gate.


The business class seats in KLM’s Boeing 787-9 are installed in a 1-2-1 configuration and each seat has direct access to the aisle.

Seats are comfortable, wide and long enough, when converted in flat bed even for taller persons. When sitting in the seat, you can’t see other passengers, which gives you very good privacy. The armrest that can be pushed down if needed.

As already mentioned, the seating comfort was excellent for relaxing as well as for sleeping. The footwell for the window seats isn’t so cramped compared to many other aircraft types or carriers. If you are a side sleeper, you will appreciate that ;). However, for the middle seats, the footwell seems to be smaller.

seat control
middle seats

Each seat has a big storage box that can be closed, with a mirror inside the door. You will find the headphones, a bottle of water and the amenity kit inside.

seat storage

In the 787’s you won’t find window shades, windows are dimmed electronically, with the touch switch under them.

Amenities and IFE

The nice looking amenity kit from the outside had really nothing special inside. Only all the basics for a long-haul flight were in: socks, toothpaste and wooden toothbrush, eye mask, earplugs, moisturizer, lip balm and a pen.

The 16-inch IFE touch screens offer a good resolution. KLM’s in-flight entertainment includes movies, TV, music, games, and options for kids. They offered over 200 films in different languages. Another screen is embedded in the remote control.

At the end of the flight before landing, the crew came by to hand out the Dutch Delft blue houses (filled with gin), which is a unique complimentary gift for all KLM business class passengers.

Food & Drinks

At the beginning of the flight, a menu and a wine list were distributed, as shown here below. You could choose between two different appetizers, three main courses and 2 desserts.  As we were flying as a small group, we had the chance to try different food.

The salad was, as the name said, fresh, and it tasted good as well.

Appetizer – Fresh crab salad

The slow grilled chicken and the selection of local delicacies didn’t look fantastic. But, more important than the optical quality is how it tasted, and it tasted good.

Main course – Slow grilled chicken
Another main course – Selection of local delicacies

The dessert was very good – petit fours, macrons and fruits were sweet, but not too sweet and of an excellent quality. If you are a cheese lover, you will like the cheese plate as well. The Dutch know how to make good cheese. The only downside was that for the last couple of passengers in business class, only one option was left to choose from.

Dessert – Petits fours, macrons…
Another Dessert – Cheese plate


KLM service was excellent, the crew was very attentive and asked several times if everything was ok or if we needed something else. Dutch typically tend to have a more direct communication style, speaking quite frankly in a straightforward manner, some people may think that this is rude, but we really liked that.


The 787 Dreamliner offers a smoother and more quiet ride compared to older models like a 777. KLM business class seats are comfortable in all positions, the food and the service was excellent. So directly, no European carrier comes to my mid that offer a better product in Business class.

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