Flight review: Lufthansa Business class Frankfurt to Dubai A330 during Covid-19

Flight review Lufthansa Business Class from Frankfurt to Dubai on an A330 during the Covid-19 pandemic early 2021.


Check-in could be performed at the usual business class counter and the waiting time here was literally zero.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the only lounge open in the non-Schengen area was the Lufthansa Senator lounge where you could only have a seat and grab some basic food and water to consume outside. Find the review of that lounge here.

The boarding itself was performed using the usual groups. There were not really any extra precautions in place regarding Covid-19.

review Lufthansa Business class A330


The amenity kit was a small bag looking nice and contained the usual basic things. Furthermore, each passenger received a pillow and a blanket as well as a small Covid-19 kit with hand sanitizer and a mask.

review Lufthansa Business class amenity kit

Amenity Kit


The seats were configured in a2-2-2 layout, without direct aisle access for people sitting at the window.

The seat in the Lufthansa Business class can be transformed into a full lie flat bed, and when you have a seat at the window the privacy and space you get are good, which unfortunately cannot be said for the middle pair of seats.

The foot area is definitely wide enough on the window seats and I liked that the foot compartment is not limited in height, so you have plenty of space for your feet.

In terms of storage, space is rather limited with 2 small compartments, one on the side and one small one in front of you. Additionally, you can store a magazine in front of you as well.

When you have more stuff with you, it is nice to get some seats in row 1 or 10, as you will have some space on top of your entertainment screen to place whatever you want to. However, you will be sitting close to the lavatories and the galley.

review Lufthansa Business class storage review Lufthansa Business class entertainment screen review Lufthansa Business class seat review Lufthansa Business class hook


Food and Drinks

In terms of food we were pleasantly surprised of the Lufthansa Business class. Despite the pandemic, the only thing not offered was the pre-departure drink which was understandable. For the rest you got the usual drink service, a 3-course meal and a pre-arrival snack. In between you could always ask to get some small snacks or a sandwich from the staff on board.

In terms of quality, our food was excellent, and it seems that Lufthansa rather improved on that during the pandemic which is nice to see. Have a look at the pictures and menu below.

review Lufthansa Business class main course

Lufthansa Business class main course

review Lufthansa Business class kids menu

Kids Menu

review Lufthansa Business class food review Lufthansa Business class gin tonic

Other Services

The entertainment screen is big enough, and you can see a clear picture from every angle of your seat. The touch screen function however was not working properly on both of our seats.

Wi-Fi is usually available but was out of service during our entire flight, which is of course a no-go.

Lavatories were of the small standard size and nothing special was offered here.

review Lufthansa Business class lavatory

Noise-cancelling headphones were provided at each seat.

review Lufthansa Business class headphones


The staff was very friendly and helpful on our flight, and they came by several times to ask if we would need anything. Furthermore, the staff paid close attention that passengers adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions such as masks without being impolite.

Bottom Line

Considering that we were flying during the pandemic, besides the need to wear a mask there were absolutely no drawbacks in terms of service in Lufthansa Business class. Actually, I think it even was the opposite and Lufthansa improved in terms of service and quality of food during the pandemic compared to older experiences we had with them.

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