Flight review: Lufthansa Business class Helsinki to Frankfurt A320neo

Flight review, Lufthansa A320neo Business Class from Helsinki to Frankfurt, October 2021.

At the airport

Check-in could be performed at the usual business class counter and the waiting time here was very short

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, no lounge was available for Lufthansa customers in Helsinki.

The boarding itself was performed using the usual groups, and was pretty chaotic, with no one controlling if passengers were boarding at their turn. There were not really any extra precautions in place regarding Covid-19.


Lufthansa's A320neo Business class seats are in a 3-3 configuration. The first 8 rows were reserved for business class passengers on this flight, with a bit more legroom compared to the economy seats. Like with most European carriers, the middle seats are blocked in business class.

Legroom was not excellent, other airlines like TAP offer more legroom in business class for flights within Europe. At least, every seat had its own lamp and air condition vent.


Food and Drinks

Before meal service, you could choose between a wide range of apéritifs. As usual, we opted in for a Gin Tonic.

For your meals, you could select one of two different main courses, while starters and desserts were fixed. A couple of different wines were also available to choose from.

The food actually tasted good, and Lufthansa's new concept of “Tasting Heimat” seems to be a step in the right direction.

To finish off, you could also opt in for a digestive.

Other Services

To keep it short, no other services on the Lufthansa A320neo like Wi-Fi, pillows or amenity kits were provided on this short haul flight with Lufthansa


Service itself was good considering the pre-meal and after meal service, however in terms of friendliness there was some room for improvement. The crew seemed to be rather annoyed.

Bottom Line

Lufthansa's A320neo Business class is comparable to most other carriers within Europe. Food was good and service was okay.

The lack of any other services like Wi-Fi is a drawback. However, this isn't only the case with Lufthansa, many other European carriers do not offer Wi-Fi, on many of their planes, on short haul routes.

We have had already worse but also better experiences on short haul business class flights.

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