Flight Review: Lufthansa Business class Munich-Montreal A350-900 (2023)

In Summer 2023, we flew with Lufthansa in Business Class on their A350-900 between Munich and Montreal, this is our review.

At the airport

Business class passengers had access to dedicated check-in desks and security lanes, which can save you a lot of time, however at Munich airport waiting times in general are usually really good.

The flight departed at Munich Terminal 2 from the K gates. You had to take a small train to get to the satellite terminal

Regarding the lounge, as a business class traveller, you can use the Lufthansa Business class lounge, which we reviewed here.

We planned this trip to review the “new” Lufthansa A350-900 aircraft acquired from Philippines Airlines with a 1-2-1 configuration. However, there was a last minute aircraft change so that we were stuck with their old 2-2-2 configuration. Furthermore, the process to find volunteers to fly on another connection was rather chaotic and took a tremendous amount of time.


The old Lufthansa A350-900 Business class seats of Lufthansa are arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. It is the same old seat offered since a decade which is not too comfortable and that we have reviewed already a number of times.

The bedding remains unchanged, with no mattress pads available. This certainly places Lufthansa’s seats towards the lower end of the spectrum, especially when you consider that not every seat provides direct access to the aisle.


Food and Drinks

Upon boarding a pre-departure drink was served, and you could choose between water, orange juice and champagne.

Shortly after take-off, a wide range of apéritifs was offered, as well as some nuts. As usual, we opted in for a Gin Tonic.

Lufthansa Business Class A350 Pre Departure drink

The food and drinks in Lufthansa Business Class seemed to be of a higher quality. Food was presented properly and actually tasted very good.

The kids’ menu was sort of okay, as you can see in the pictures, the main dish here does not look too appealing for kids.

As prearrival, dinner was served along with a small dessert. The raviolis actually also tasted delicious, so at these points at least, Lufthansa can compete with their competitors.

Lufthansa Business Class A350 menu



Other Amenities

Wi-Fi is available, and the price seems rather reasonable.

However, the in flight entertainment screen is small and using the remote attached to your seat is also not that user-friendly.

The amenity kit itself is quite attractive, bearing the Porsche design brand. It can also serve as a handy amenity bag for your future travels. However, when it comes to the contents, as is often the case with Lufthansa, they are at best mediocre.

Lavatories on this flight were a little bit bigger than on other aircraft and also had a more modern look.


The service onboard was really attentive, and the crew asked numerous times if everything was okay. On that part, it seems that Lufthansa has definitely improved over the years, which is a nice touch.

Bottom Line

Although the hard product, such as the seats, falls well below the average standard, there have been noticeable improvements in the soft product, including meals and the friendliness of the crew, over the years.

However, given that direct aisle access is still lacking, and seats are narrow and uncomfortable when fully reclined. If you cannot find a particularly good deal, you may be better off exploring other airlines, as long as Lufthansa has not made any upgrades to their hard product.

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