Flight review: Luxair Business Class Luxembourg to Vienna Q400

Flight review Luxair Business Class from Luxembourg to Vienna on a Q400 in June 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Services at the airport were marginal. While when flying in business class, you have a dedicated check in counter as well as access to the security fast lane, there was not any further value added.

Despite restaurants and bars open again, the lounge in Luxembourg was closed, and priority boarding was non-existent, despite Luxair promoting both things for their smart upgrade function.

Review Luxair Business Class Be Pride Be Luxembourg Livery lounge

Closed Lounge


Our flight was operated by a De Havilland Canada Dash 8. The aircraft had the special livery, be Pride, be Luxembourg, introduced for the Pride Month.

We upgraded to business class for 130€, using the smart upgrade possibility before the flight.

Review Luxair Business Class Be Pride Be Luxembourg Livery

Review Luxair Business Class Be Pride Be Luxembourg Livery


The aircraft has a 2-2 configuration. The seats are the exact same seats as in economy. The only benefit is that the seat next to you is blocked, so you have two seats guaranteed to yourself, like at most carriers within Europe.

As you can see in the picture, legroom is terrible unless you are sitting in one of the two seats in the front row, where you will have more than enough space. Fortunately, you can choose both front row seats free of charge if they are still available.

The only plus side we can add in terms of the seat is that everyone has its own ventilator to adjust.

Review Luxair Business Class emergeny row

Review Luxair Business Class Emergency Exit Row

Review Luxair Business Class legroom

Review Luxair Business Class Legroom

Review Luxair Business Class Seats

Food & Drinks

The drink selection is mediocre in Luxair business class. Long drinks are not available, and you can choose only between a couple of soft drinks, beer, wine and prosecco.

The food comes pre packed in a box with plastic cutlery.

As breakfast, we received a box containing non-fresh pastry, a mini sandwich with a piece of cheese and ham on it, as well as some yogurt and 2 pieces of chocolate.

On our way home, as dinner, we received two small sandwiches along with a piece of cake.

The only thing which stood out was the chocolate, for the rest it felt more like a bad economy breakfast.

Review Luxair Business Class meal box

Review Luxair Business Class Sandwich

Review Luxair Business Class Breakfast

Review Luxair Business Class Dinner

Review Luxair Business Class Dinner

Review Luxair Business Class Sumo Arts

Review Luxair Business Class Beer can in cooperation with Sumo Arts

Review Luxair Business Class drinks


Due to Covid-19 you received some sort of small amenity bag with a disposable face mask, hand sanitizing wipe and hand sanitizing gel, which was a nice touch.

In terms of service, there is also room for improvement. The stewards asked what you would like to drink once prior to your meal. For the rest of the time, they were non-existent, with literally no chance of asking for something else to drink.

In a cabin where you have 4 business class passengers, I think it would be manageable to ask passengers at least once if they would like to have anything else.

Review Luxair Business Class covid kit

Review Luxair Business Class Covid-19 kit

Review Luxair Business Class bathroom


In terms of entertainment, the only thing available was a QR code to scan to read Luxair's digital in flight magazine, that's all.

No WLAN, no digital magazine options, nada.


Luxair Business class makes no sense at all.

Seats are one thing, as these are bad on nearly all carriers within Europe when flying in business.

However, no priority boarding, no lounge access, a pre-flight service that was basically non-existent, food and drink options that were far below average and a service that was mediocre, we absolutely do not recommend paying extra to fly in business class with Luxair.

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