Accor Gold Status with ibis Business card for 90€

You can obtain Accor Live Limitless Gold status for 90€, by purchasing the ibis business card, we tell you how and if it is worth considering.

ibis Business card

How to get Accor Gold Status for 90€ with the IBIS Busienss card

The ibis business card can be purchased here by anyone for 90€ a year, you will receive the following advantages:

  • 10% additional discount if you book up to two room at ibis, ibis Styles or ibis Budget.
  • 10% off on your breakfast.
  • 10% discount in the restaurant and bar, even when you aren’t staying at the hotel.
  • 48h room guarantee at IBIS hotels.
  • Additional 5% discount on the major promotions run by ibis brands
  •  Accor Live Limitless Gold Status for the current and following year.


The card is mainly dedicated to people who have a lot of stays at ibis hotels.

What makes the card exciting is that you will receive the Accor Live Limitless Gold Status too.

For Accor Gold status, you would normally need 30 nights or 7000 status points (2800 euro spent with Accor). So the ibis card is a good alternative to become a GOLD member without spending a fortune.


 Accor Live Limitless Gold Status

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Accor Gold status comes with the IBIS business card and is the mid-tier level of the loyalty scheme of Accor's loyalty program.

With Gold status you will have, among other negligible advantages, the following advantages when staying at any Accor hotels (Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, ibis,…):

  • One free drink for you and your partner for each stay (usually beer, wine or soft drinks).
  • Priority check-in.
  • Early check-in or late check-out on request (in our experience available 3 out of 4 times).
  • A welcome gift upon arrival, except at ibis and Adagio Hotels (usually some chocolate or fruits in the room).
  • Room upgrade subject to availability (in our experience upgrade is available 3 out of 4 times).


Probably the best advantages here are the free drink and the room upgrade. Thus, priority check-in can come in handy if there are large queues and the early check-in depending on your arrival time.


Is it worth buying the ibis Gold card only to become Accor Live Limitless Gold member?

This highly depends on the number of stays you have. Let's just break down some advantages to numbers:

  • On each stay you will get a free dink for you and your partner. Let's value this with 5€.
  • Room upgrades are hard to value, less at ibis or Mercure and more at Sofitel and Novotel. As they are not always available, we simply value this with 15€ per stay.
  • All other advantages can be very useful from time to time, but also useless on some occasions. Therefor we simply value them with 5€ per stay.


When you sum these numbers up, in average you will get an advantage of 25€ in terms of advantages per stay.

So with only 4 stays during the period with your new Gold status, you would already accumulate extra services up to 100€ (4 x 25€).

Therefore, if you plan to stay at least 4 times a year in an Accor hotel, you should consider subscribing the ibis business card.


Accor Gold for up to 23 months

You will get gold status for as long as you have the ibis Business card. However,  Accor is updating the status of its members on a yearly basis.

By purchasing the ibis business card in late January, you will get the Accor Gold status for 23 months. This counts even if you cancel your subscription before the second year with your ibis business card starts, which makes this “deal” even better.


Using your newly gained status

Furthermore, you have now bought yourself a mid-tier hotel status. This means that you could take advantage of the numerous Status match opportunities available which you will also find on our website here. If you do not yet have a status at another hotel chain, this can come in handy.



With only 4 stays you will already receive more value out of your Accor Live Limitless Gold status than the IBIS business card cost per year.

Furthermore, you will receive the status for up to 23 months. You also can take advantage of a status match promo if needed.

Therefore, we can highly recommend the ibis business card if you stay at least 4 times a year at Accor properties.

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7 comments on “Accor Gold Status with ibis Business card for 90€

  1. Ryan Yeo

    May I know how you will get Accor Gold Status for 23 months even if you just purchase 1 year Ibis Business subscription?
    When exactly do I have to purchase the Ibis business card to be eligible for 23 months of Accor Gold Status? Late January meaning 20+ Jan?

    • luxtravel Post author

      Hy, exactly, you have to subscribe for the ibis business card in January. Your Accor Gold status will then be valid for that and the following year.
      2nd of January should already be fine, but to be sure I would subscribe end of January.

  2. Ramil Delos Reyes

    From the Gold status via ibis Business Card, is it possible to upgrade the status to Platinum through eligible nights? Or are you stuck to Gold status?

    • luxtravel


      To get Platinum status you will still need the full number of nights required for Platinum, the number of eligible nights will not change when you aquire Gold status with the ibis card.

  3. Esteban

    You guys are doing an awesome job.
    Keep up with the amazing value post and you will soon join the top 10 travel blogs.

    • premiumflights

      Thank you for the compliment. We are always happy to hear from our visitors when they find useful tips or deals on our site, that makes our “work” easier as well 🙂


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