20% Off On All Flights -> Europe to South America 760€


LATAM is offering a very generous promotion, you get 20% off for all the flight tickets.

How to Book

To benefit from the 20%, you need to be a resident of Germany, Spain or the UK.

Book through the UK, Spanish or German site and depart from one of these countries.

All you have to do is book via the LATAM website here and enter the promo code LATAMVIAJA 

Including the discount, the following are the best deals available:

  • Madrid to Brazil or Lima 760€
  • Madrid to Argentina, Chile or Colombia 990€
  • Frankfurt to Brazil for 880€
  • Frankfurt to Salvador 990€
  • Frankfurt to Lima or Montevideo  1102€
  • Frankfurt to Chile 1180€
  • London to Brazil 960€

Travel Dates

For most deals, flights are available until at least September for this price, however after that the 20% discount still applies, and you can still score a good deal.

Fare Rules

Book until June 27th

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