Lounge Review: Ahlan Business Class Lounge Dubai

Lounge Review Ahlan Business Class Lounge in Dubai Terminal 1

The lounge is open 24h/24h, we arrived at around 23.45h.

Access & Location

The lounge is located in Dubai Airport Terminal 1, Concourse D (Inside Security), on the first floor, together with all the other lounges.

You can enter this lounge for free with the Priority Pass.

We’ve booked a business class with Swiss, but we didn’t want to go to the Star Alliance lounge in Terminal 1, as this one is often crowded and doesn’t offer a lot of comfort or good food.

Seating Options

There are plenty of seating options, from couches, to normal chairs with tables over to relaxing seats.

Thanks to room dividers, the various areas of the lounge are well separated and offer a little privacy.

Food & Drinks

As already mentioned, we visited the Ahlan Business Class lounge at around midnight. We were positively surprised about the excellent food and drink choices you had at that time.

Everything you can expect from a business class lounge in terms of food and drinks was available! It was fresh and tasted good.

We had some slices of Pizza, those were better than those Pizzas we’ve had in two of the Italian Restaurants during our stay in Dubai.

Hot Buffet
Fresh Sandwiches and more
Mini Pizzas and Dessert.

Chocolate cakes, fresh fruit and pizza, that’s what we had this evening, and everything was delicious for an airport lounge (and even for some restaurants)

White, Red and Rose wine.
Coffee machine and fresh juice.

There’s even a bartender and a cook in the lounge with a menu to order from.

Other Amenities

The lounge offers free Wi-Fi, a little workspace, showers and a spa service (for a fee) which we didn’t use. Enough toilets were available, and they were clean as well.

Small workspace
Spa Service – Photo by PRIORITY PASS


This is one of the best Priority Pass lounges that we’ve visited so far.

The Alhan Business class lounge is even better than most airlines lounges, especially that small Star Alliances lounge next door.

Only a handful of other passengers were inside the lounge when we’ve visited it, which made our stay relaxing and comfortable. Food and drinks were excellent in terms of quantity and quality.

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