Lufthansa A320neo: More centre-of-gravity concerns

The negative news regarding the centre-of-gravity problems with Lufthansa’s new A320neo aircraft seem not to end.

Lufthansa has annouced that for now they are unable to provide onboard WiFi on their brand new A320neo, becuase the 200kg mounted antenna could result in a safety problem with the centre-of-gravity of the aircraft.

The main reason for their centre-of-gravity problem on their A320neos is because they packed an additional row of seats into the aircraft, compared to some other carriers and changed the layout for that purpose.

Due to the related safety issue, no passengers are allowed to sit in the last, additional row and no revenue is generated from these seats for now.

This time, the fact that Lufthansa is trying to pack more an more passengers into the same amount of space backfired. Not only that they loose revenue and receive negative publicity, now even WiFi is not available as initially advertised on their new aircraft.

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