Qatar Airways has taken delivery of its first four Boeing 787-9

However, all four aircraft later flew back again to the United States because they were not ready for use.

Contracts between Qatar Airways and Boeing forced the aircraft manufacturer to formally deliver the first few aircraft in 2019. This is the reason why these flights to Doha were carried out on December 27, 2019.

The work in the US however had not been entirely finished, that’s why they flew back to the United States for cabin installations in Victorville.


Qsuites in the 787-9

The 787-9, contrary to the 787-8, will be the first time that Qatar Airways puts Qsuites on the 787. Qatar Airways has a total of 30 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on order.

Al Baker said to AviationAnalyst:

“It will have QSuite – the first time QSuite will debut on the 787, but it will be a new variant, next-generation QSuite.”

The 787’s cabin isn’t as wide as the A350 cabin, even it is only a few inches. Therefor,  Qatar Airways has to put a modified Qsuites version on the 787-9, “next-generation Qsuite”.

We will see in a few weeks or months how different the chosen product will be for the 787-9.

You can imagine that the two companies face criticism on social media over this absurd and seemingly pointless delivery procedure of brand-new airplanes…


Qatar Airways Qsuites will soon be on all US routes

As you probably know, not all US routes are operated by Qatar Airways planes with Qsuites installed yet. This will change in 2020, Qsuite services will begin from the start of May and Miami from the start of August.

All Qatar Airways Qsuite routes can be found here.


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