British Airways Executive Club – Part 5, Top 5 Tier point runs out of Europe

Top 5 tier point runs out of Europe.



We will not necessarily present those tier point runs where you will receive the most amount of tier points for your money. We will rather focus on tier point runs which are easy to realize and which are widely available the whole year, without the need of a special promotional fare.

Furthermore, only premium classes are covered here, as we are Premium-Flights ;). We try to give you examples where you could combine your tier point run with a small get away.

Top 6 Tier point runs out of Europe

1. Short haul business class return flights out of London – 80 tier points under £200.

Top 6 Tier point runs
BA low fare finder

Our number 1 tier point run are short-haul flights out of London. Due to the British Airways low fare finder, you can choose from many destinations all over Europe for under 200€ return, which will give you a total of 80 tier points. This flights can be done conveniently and you could easily combine the flights with a weekend trip to many available countries.

When you have found a destination that suits you, we would recommend you to have as well a look at the OTAs. Prices can often be up to 10-20% lower there.

Destinations from London which are basically always under £200, even if there is no special promotion:

Have a look on our dedicated post here for flights under £150 for time being.


2. Short haul business class return flights out of Luxembourg – 80 to 160 tier points.

British Airways flights out of Luxembourg a relatively cheap. We already covered this in the past with Business class flights Luxembourg to London for £150-£200.

With these flights you can earn 80 tier points for a business class return flight from Luxembourg to London on basically every month. Not so well known is the fact that many other destinations, with a stop over in London, are available relatively cheap too.

Those are giving you 160 tier points.

You have to search a little by yourself for destinations, but many around Europe are available for approximately £350. Below you have some examples of destinations available out of Luxembourg, earning you 160 tier points.  As mentioned before, this is for a business class return flight.

These destinations should always be available from Luxembourg:

  • Amsterdam
  • Copenhagen
  • Manchester
  • Dublin
  • Edinburgh

3. Short haul “plus” return flights out of London for 160 tier points

Some routes within Europe which are longer, the Short Haul + routes, you will earn 80 tier points each way, a total of 160 tier points for a return flight. The most interesting ones, considering the prices, are usually the following:


4. Flights to North America with a Oneworld partner from Dublin, London or another European city. With an extra stop in the US – up to 770 tier points

Oneworld partners often have very attractive sales out of Dublin, London or some other European cities to North America.  You should focus on Dublin and Madrid, as flights are available often for only 1400€ departing from one of these cities.

When you have a connecting flight from Europe via London to the US, you will receive a minimum of 40 tier points for each short-haul leg. 140 tier points for each long haul leg gives you a total of 360 tier points for the return flight.

If you manage to book flights with a stop over in the US, before reaching your final destination, adding a domestic first class flight will give you even more tier points.

For example, a transcontinental flight within the US as the route from New York to Los Angeles will earn you at least whooping 140 tier points each way. Travelling on booking classes F, P, A you will even earn 210 tier points each way.

So in total with positioning flights to London, up to 770 tier points can be earned with a single holiday to the US, which will already give you the silver status.


Top 6 Tier point runs


Check out our blog regularly as we will advise you when good fares or sales with British Airways or oneworld partners are available.


5. From Luxembourg,Dublin or Manchester to Helsinki for 240 tier points

Top 6 Tier point runs

The short-haul + routes out of London have already been covered in our number 4. However, you can book these flights also from another city including a positioning flight to London, so that the total number of tier points you earn will increase to 240.

From three cities to Helsinki, you can find very often a relatively low price. These are as mentioned in the title, from:

  • Luxembourg around 350 450
  • Dublin around 350 400
  • Manchester around 400430

During sales, these prices often drop by 100€ or more, so you can really score a bargain here.



We showed you some convenient ways to earn the tier points you’re missing to reach your desired status. For most of these you do not have to fly fancy routes and can combine your trip with a small vacation for a fair price. Unfortunately, nice tier point runs to Asia out of Europe are usually more expensive, unless a promotional fare is available.


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