Transferring AVIOS from Iberia to British Airways, within Household Account

Transferring Avios from one to another airline doesn't always work right away, we will show you how to transfer your Avios even when you are in a household account.


Transferring AVIOS from Iberia Plus to British Airways Executive Club within Household Account

British Airways and Iberia merged with their loyalty program in 2011, including combining the award points into a single program called Avios. This means that members of either loyalty program can transfer points between the two programs, but sometimes this doesn't work as easy as described.

If you have a Household Account with British Airways it's sometime a bit tricky.

It's still quite simple to transfer your points from BA to Iberia, but the other way round is not that simple. But it's possible, we will describe you how.


Transferring AVIOS from Iberia Plus to British Airways Executive Club within Household Account.


Step 1: Create AerClub account

First create an account at AerClub , if you don't have already one. Then login to with the username and password from AerClub. Sometimes you will be asked to log in just after the login, so do it twice.

Click then on Manage my account on the top right, a window will open like this

Now click on Combine my Avios on the left.


There you can choose if you want to transfer from/to Iberia or British Airways


Step 2: Transfering Avios from Iberia Plus to

As you want to transfer from Iberia to British Airways choose Iberia Plus on the right as program. You will need to enter your Iberia Plus Number and your PIN.

Now you will see your Avios Balance from your Iberia Account on the right side.

Under it, you have the possibility to transfer:

Choose the first one, Iberia Plus to Avios.

Enter how many Avios you want to transfer, click on the right bottom on review my transfer and in the next step on confirm transfer.

Your AVIOS  have now been transferred to your account, sometimes you have to log out and then log in again to see your AVIOS on


Step 3: Transfering Avios from to BA Excecutive Club

In the next step you have to click again, in your account, on manage my account, then Combine my Avios.

This time choose British Airways on the right as program. Enter your BA Login ID and password, then you will see your Avios Balance from British Airways.

Choose Avios Partners to British Airways as the way you want to transfer your Avios.

Enter your amount of AVIOS and click on review my transfer, in the next step click on confirm transfer.


Et voilà, you have transferred your Avios from Iberia to British Airways, even with Household Account.


UPDATE: Sometimes it happens that you cannot log in to your BA Executive Club account on This isn't a problem however as there is a solution for that too.


Now that your points are transferred from Iberia to, you can simply log in to your BA Executive Club on When you are logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner.

On the left click on “Manage my Account” and in the drop down menu click on “Combine my Avios”, then you need to click again on the button “Combine my Avios”.

Now choose “Avios partner” as your program and enter your Username and Password for that account.

You can now see the Avios you transferred before from Iberia to and can transfer them now to your BA Executive Club.


PS: Your name and address have to be the same in all 3 programs BA Executive Club, Iberia Plus and (Aerclub)

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