Tutorial Free Dragonpass Membership

tutorial free dragonpass

You can get a free Dragonpass membership and access lounges worldwide for a discounted entry fee of only $23 or £19 GBP.

Update: For the moment it seems that you can't connect anymore to dragonpass via Regus…


What is Dragonpass?

Dragonpass, similar to Prioritypass, offers different membership plans that give you entry to mostly third party lounges around the world.

Currently, more than 1300 lounges are participating at Dragonpass. A list of all airport lounges can be found here.

Dragonpass offers 3 different membership plans:

  • Classic: $99 yearly, 1 visit included, thereafter $31 per visit.
  • Preferential: $219 yearly, 8 visits included, thereafter $31 per visit.
  • Prestige: $399 yearly, unlimited visits included.


Tutorial Free Dragonpass Membership

Here's a small tutorial with only 3 steps to follow to obtain a free Dragonpass membership.

With this free membership you pay only $23 or £19 GBP per visit, which is less than you would pay with a Classic or Preferential membership.


1. Create a free account at MyRegus

Regus is a space booking service. The registration with myRegus is completely free and comes with the possibility of getting a free Dragonpass membership with lounge visits for only 23$. Registration takes less than a minute, and you can access your account right away.

Simply register your free MyRegus account here.


2. Register at Dragonpass trough MyRegus

  • Once you've created your account, you have to log in first at MyRegus.
  • After login, click the Service & Benefits tab and select airport lounges, as shown below.

Sometimes the site is a bit laggy and you have to click on airport lounges several times until the correct page opens and loads.

  • You can now register your account at Dragonpass


3. Download the Dragonpass app and login

After registration, you will receive your memberships number and password via email. Enter these information in the  Dragonpass app, and you are ready to go with your free membership.

Once logged in you can see all lounges that are available, and you can buy access to them, easy as that.



This is an easy way to get a lounge membership for free that gives you the possibility to enter worldwide lounges for the discounted price of only 23$ or £19 GBP.

In our Lounge Reviews section you may find reviews of a few lounges that you can visit with your free Drogonpass membership, like “The Lounge” in Luxembourg or Aspire Lounge 26 in Amsterdam.

3 comments on “Tutorial Free Dragonpass Membership

  1. Thorsten

    I just tried it and followed your tutorial precisely. Unfortunately, the landing page at Regus looks completely different and has no “Services and Benefits”-subpage…
    Did I something wrong or is this offer simply expired?
    thanks in advance for clarification!

    • premiumflights

      You are right, Regus changed their page. We try to find out if there’s a new way to connect to Dragonpass via Regus…

      • Thorsten

        That’d be great! I’ve already browsed through the new page but didn’t find any… But that might be due to the fact that I did not link a company account and, thus, only had a very limited interface.
        Hope you find another way! Thanks a lot for your effort – your site is awesome!!


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