American Express: Upgrade Your Card Get 75000 Membership Rewards

This is a big bonus ever for American Express cardholder in Luxembourg or Belgium.

75000 Bonus Points

With this new offer, you’ll receive 75000 bonus Membership Reward points when you upgrade your current AMEX card, whether it’s Blue, Green, or Gold, to the American Express Platinum card.

Once you have the American Express Platinum card, you can request a second one for free. With both cards, you’ll also receive one complimentary Priority Pass per card, allowing you to access airport lounges around the world for free.

To upgrade is very easy, you have to visit this link and choose the card that you have and select the Platinum card as upgrade card.

This amazing deal becomes even more fantastic if you already have a Gold card that you got through a referral. If that’s the situation, you already have between 6000 and 10000 Membership Reward points, and now you can receive an additional, 75000 points.


No Amex card yet?

If you have no American Express card at all, you can use our referral page (with more information what you can do with your membership reward) to get 12000 bonus points for the Platinum card or bonus 6000 points for the gold card.

You might think that this offer will return later in the year (like it did in the past years). You could consider applying for a gold card now to get 6000 bonus points. Then, six months or later, you could take advantage of this or a new promotion to receive a total of 81000 membership rewards (6000 for the Gold card + 75000 for the upgrade).


Here are some terms and conditions:

  • you need to hold one of the three cards at least 6 months
  • you did not ask for an upgrade within the last 6 months

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