Worst Black Friday Ever

This year was definitely the worst Black Friday ever for cheap Business Class tickets.

We have seen some pretty good hotel deals, not the best ever, but at least we have seen some deals.

We have said it already before that Black Friday is not always the best time to book cheap business class flights, but we could never imagine that there would be no business class deals at all 2021.

Our team monitors business and first class prices every day, and that for a few years now. This year, we've observed that no new business class deals appeared on Black Friday (with exception to Icelandair).

TAP for example offered last weekend for their so called CyberWeekend, 20% on Business class flights, but for Black Friday they only offered 20% for the Economy Class. Even LaCompagine, who usually offer Business class flights between Paris and New York for under 1500€, ask now around 2000€ for those flights…

This is very surprising for us, and I guess not only for us. Airlines suffered a lot over the last 2 years due to the pandemic. Most airlines would not exist anymore if they didn't get Billions of $ in bailouts. And airlines knew and know that many travelers were waiting for deals on Black Friday, to book their next holiday(s).

But, it seems that airlines got so much money, that they all agreed not to offer Black Friday deals this year because they simply didn't need to raise money???
We prepared already the “Deal Alerts” to send you via Email or our App(s), but there were simply none.

Of course this isn't the end for cheap business or first class tickets, different routes with different airlines will always be on sale, and we will publish them as soon as they pop up.


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