500 + 250 miles at Miles&More with Verimi

Verimi is a digital identity program to simplify your everyday life by securely reusing stored data in your interaction with companies and authorities on the Internet. But the thing why we look into this is that for the time being, you will receive 500 + 250 miles at Miles&More for free.

250 miles at Miles&More

The first 250 miles you will receive upon registering an account. Do not forget, after your first login, to enter your miles and more id under my profile, manage loyalty accounts.

Thereafter you will receive another 250 miles by entering your mobile number, birth data and personal address.

These 500 miles, which will not even take you 5 minutes to get, will be posted to your miles and more account already after 10 minutes.

You can earn another 250 miles by adding and verifying an ID document to your account, but it is up to you if you want to take these steps for another 250 miles.


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