All TAP longhaul airplanes offer lie flat seats now

TAP Air Portugal has no more of its old A330-300s in service.

This is good news for all passenger on longhaul flights, as from now they can be sure to get lie flat seats, when flying in business class.


TAP’s press release:

TAP receives 30th new aircraft of 2019 and the last Airbus A330 with the old configuration exits the fleet.

  • The airline has received 30 new-generation aircraft this year.
  • Last long-haul aircraft with old cabin no longer flies with TAP colours.
  • TAP has one of the newest long-haul fleets in the world.
  • One year ago, the average age of the long-haul fleet was 15 years and now it is just 3.9 years.
  • New fleet provides greater client satisfaction, lower fuel consumption and greater operational and environmental efficiency, allowing more passengers to be carried to new markets and destinations.

TAP celebrated another milestone in the renovation of its fleet this week. As the commercial operation of the Airbus A330 registration CS-TOG came to an end, the airline now has a completely renovated fleet that is one of the newest in the world.
The removal of the last of the aircraft with the out-dated cabin means the TAP long-haul fleet has now been completely renovated and the aircraft have an average age of 3.9 years compared to an average of 15 a year ago.
This means that all of TAP’s intercontinental passengers will now have a consistent experience with the highest standards of service and comfort ensuring a huge improvement in the NPS (Net Promoter Score), a method through which the clients show how satisfied they are.
TAP’s new long-haul aircraft offer passengers a cutting-edge entertainment system, Wi-Fi connection with free text messaging and the A330neo all have a modern, sophisticated Airspace by Airbus cabin.

Over the past three years, new NEO aircraft have arrived at TAP and the previous generation of planes has left, while the interiors of the others have been retrofitted. This fleet modernisation process will enter civil aviation history as being one of the fastest fleet transformations ever in the world. 
Following the removal of Airbus A330-200 CS-TOG on 29 November, all Transatlantic flights now use new aircraft or ones with a modern cabin interior that offer passengers the highest levels of comfort.
A year ago, TAP had four Airbus A340 and 17 A330ceo in its long-haul fleet. The long-haul fleet is now composed of 17 Airbus A330neo, four Airbus A321 LR and seven Airbus A330ceo with completely retrofitted and standardised cabin interiors.
This more modern and comfortable fleet enables TAP to keep investing in the excellence of its operation. The new fleet lets TAP open new routes, expand the network of destinations and diversify the markets where it operates.
When people talk about TAP today, they talk about new, more efficient and more competitive aircraft that boost client satisfaction, attract more passengers, open new markets and increase the number of flights and their profitability.

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