BA: A380s will get the Club World Suite as well

British Airways unveiled their Club World Suite in March 2019. The first flight took place in August with BA’s first A350-1000 between London and Madrid.You may find our flight review here.


BA Club World Suite rollout by aircraft.

As you can see in the graph below, Club World Suites rollout will be complete by 2025, on all London Heathrow based long haul aircrafts. By the end of next year, one third of those will feature Club World Suites already.

In 2023 British Airways will begin retrofitting A380s with the new seats.

The A350-1000s, 787-10s, and 777-9s will come fresh from the factory with the new cabin installed already.




NO density lost for retrofitted B777-200

Retrofitting “old” aircrafts with the new Club World Suite cabin doesn’t mean that capacity will be reduced. If you look a bit closer at the picture below, you will see that the new Club World Suite cabin needs more space as the old business class of course. But British Airways will reduce the First class cabin, and will put more seats in economy class, on the same space.



BA’s Club World Suite routes:

British Airways Club Suite Routes

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