When Is The Best Time To Buy Business Class Tickets?

best time to book business ticket

Many websites try to convince you that 30 days or 2 even months before your flight is the cheapest time to book a Business class ticket.

Others say that you have to book on Black Friday, and even some websites say that a Wednesday is the cheapest day to book a flight ticket.

But is that true? To keep it simple, NO it isn't.

When is the best time to buy Business class tickets?

Airlines publish throughout the whole year special fares, or let's say cheaper fares, those are the deals that you can find on our website.

Sadly, it is impossible to predict when airlines do that.

By coincidence, you may find the best price 30 days in advance, as other websites try to tell to. But, in that case, it was only by sheer luck that you chose that date, a date at which an airline published a sale or offered a cheap ticket.

BA new Business Class called Club Suites

Is there a best time to book a Business Class ticket?

We've published 1000s of Business class or First class “deals” so far.

From our experience, we can tell you, if you find a ticket that is cheap, and you are willing to pay it, then book the flight. Don’t gamble to score an even better deal.

Business class sales tickets are sold during the whole year at different and unfortunately unpredictable times.

Set yourself a price limit, when a ticket pops up which is below that price, simply book it and don't wait any longer.

Of course, it can happen that you may find a better price only a month later.

But the other way around, it might also happen the price for the ticket will never be that good again. At some point, when the travel date approaches, you will have to book for a much higher price.

At this point, again, we can tell you that this could happen, out of our own experience ;).

Update: Over the last months we observed a trend, cheap business class tickets are often sold at least 3 or even 6 months before the date of departure.  This wasn't always the case. We think that is due to the fact that many people want to travel again now, and airlines can actually sell more tickets than they have free seats. So there's no need to put business class seats on sale for the next coming months.


Be Flexible!

Above, we mentioned the best time to book cheap First or Business Class Tickets. But just as important as that is, that prices vary significantly depending on which country or city the itinerary originates.

You can use this to your advantage and get some excellent airfare deals. For that, you simply need to start your journey from another city or even another country.

For example: A ticket from Frankfurt nonstop to South America in FIRST class could cost you 4000€, with Lufthansa. If you start from Paris, with 1 stop in Frankfurt, you would only pay 2800€ for that ticket.

You would even sit on the same plane and possibly in the same seat, on the leg from Frankfurt to South America!

In such a case, it makes sense to start your trip in Paris instead of Frankfurt and save a lot of money ;).

Always think about that before booking a fare. If the destination is the one you are looking for, it often can make sense to buy a separate ticket to the place where the cheap flight originates. You just need to be flexible.


How to find the cheapest First or Business class tickets?

As we mentioned already, airlines publish cheap business or first class tickets from time to time during the year.

To find them however is not that easy, as you can’t look for fares 24 hours a day.

The good news is, we do that for you ;). By checking our page regularly, you will be updated each day about cheap business class or first class tickets.

We will send out “deal alerts” as well, but only for extraordinary cheap business or first class fares.

For the deal alerts, you need to subscribe to our newsletter or download our app to never miss one of those deals.

Here's a link to the current top deals published on our page.

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6 comments on “When Is The Best Time To Buy Business Class Tickets?

  1. Marry Walker

    I mostly travel out of country every year and i prefer to book flights before three months. And as per my suggestion, This is the best time for Booking Business class tickets. I agree with your ideas. Keep posting!

  2. Eszter Favics

    This post is very thoughtful although I was not particularly worried. 🙂
    It’s true that last year after I jumped on a Swiss deal in early November AMS-ZRH-LAX for 1600 and then around Black Friday there was a cheaper version directly from ZRH plus then I saw a HNL deal as well(which was our final destination from Luxemborg) I was a bit sad but since that was my first long haul business class journey I was still super happy and excited with the final deal. I guess after one get the good deal and don’t plan other trips it’s better not to check the website to avoid disappointment.
    And for example couple of weeks ago there was AMS- Hawaiian Islands deal but I though there will come better one later. We will see; now we are still waiting LOL.

    • premiumflights Post author

      I booked last year as well for Black Friday LUX-SEA-MIA-LUX for 1300€ with Oneworld, I was hopping for a similar deal this year, but there was realy not much to North America. I still have time, so I am not worried, not yet.
      But there’s one points I can’t agree 🙂
      You say don’t check the website to avoid disappointment, don’t do that, visit us and read tutorials or stories…
      But I know what you mean 😉

      • Eszter Favics

        I understand your point 🙂
        It is just for those who really maxxed out their yearly travel budget both time and finance wise and don’t want to bang their head into their desk seeing a 300eur(so 600 for a couple) cheaper deal than booked weeks before for almost the same trip.
        And indeed thank you for your precious work!
        On the app is there a way to request notifications appearing on the phone(I would even pay a bit more for that option 😉 )

        • premiumflights Post author

          Via the Android app you should already get push notifications for Deal Alerts. If not, there’s maybe a problem with enabling push notifications on your phone. With the iOS app we still have some bugs. That should be solved soon with an update.


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