Boeing 737 Max flights postponed further

American Airlines released a press release stating that the 737 Max will return to service in March instead of January now.

As stated here Boeing 737 MAX returning to serivce in Januray? , American initially planned to operate their 737 Max aircraft again mid of January.

737 Max operations postponed again

However they now informed their customers that the plan is to return them to regular scheduel on the 5th of March.

Scheduele change and possible cancellations

Furthermore, American advises its passengers that on the 17th of November, they will perform a scheduele change for those flights planned to be performed by a 737 Max after January 6th. It might even be possible that your flight will be cancelled.

Thoughts on the 737 Max

The planned date to return into service continues to get postponed. All airlines not having purchased a 737 Mad can consider themselves lucky, as it seems like the 737 Max will not return into service within the near future.

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