Business Class Deals – USA to Open Countries for American Travelers

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A bit more than 20 countries are currently accepting American travelers. In this post we will show you the cheapest options for business class flights during this summer available at the moment.

A few days ago we've posted a list of countries that are accepting American Travelers now, or within the next month.

As you already know now where you will be able to travel to, you will most probably know if you can find some cheap business class tickets to your destination as well.

Don't expect any killer deals just now, since the countries that accept American travelers are limited and the demand on buying tickets won't be little.

However, we were still able to find some solid deals.

The Business Class Deals

Here's a list with countries and prices under $1000 for the business class Round Trip from different points of departure in the US, for flights this summer:


Antigua and Barbuda

  • From New York $790
  • From Miami      $770
  • From Washington DC $890



  • From New York $650 
  • From Miami        $625
  • From Washington DC $790



  • From New York $705 
  • From Boston      $590
  • From Washington DC $530
  • From Dallas       $680



  • From Dallas $820 
  • From Washington DC $820



  • From Washington DC $615
  • From Boston      $680 
  • From New York  $680
  • From Los Angeles $940


Dominican Republic

  • From Boston     $640 
  • From New York  $680
  • From Los Angeles $545



  • From Washington DC $645 
  • From New York  $798
  • From Miami $525
  • From Austin $760



  • From Los Angeles to Mexico City $550 
  • From New York to Cancun   $560
  • From Boston to Cancun       $580


Saint Lucia

  • From Washington DC $930 
  • From Boston  $990 


Sint Maarten

  • From New York   $850
  • From Boston        $770
  • From Washington DC $830 
  • From Los Angeles     $1055 


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • From Miami        $755 



Travel Dates

All these fares are available in August and September, later in the year prices will even be lower for some destinations.



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