Business class North America to Europe 1380$


Travel Dates into 2021. With TAP in lie-flat seats, they have one of the newest long-haul fleets in the world.

There is one trick you need to follow, but that’s a pretty simple one, we will show you how.

For this “travel hack”, you have to book two one-way tickets instead of one return ticket!

There are two big advantages with one-way tickets.

The first one and the most important is in this case the price. Another one is flexibility, as you may fly back to North America from another city as the one you were heading to first, perfect if you want to see more than just one place in Europe.

Prices start as low as 1380USD for the cheapest combination, a one-way flight from Montreal to Amsterdam and a one-way flight from Oslo to New York.


Travel Dates

Flights are available until next year spring 2021, availability is the best when you look for dates well in advance, that doesn’t mean that every single date will be available of course.


How To Book

Below you can find the one-way prices with OTA’s to Europe, a few more cities are available across Europe.


  • Montreal to Amsterdam  800USD  
  • New York to Frankfurt   940$    
  • Boston to Berlin             990$    
  • New York to Copenhagen 1160$    
  • New York to Oslo                   1160$
  • Washington DC to London 1150$
  • New York to Dublin         1130$
  • New York to London        995$  
  • New York to Madrid        1180$ 
  • Miami to Madrid               975$  
  • New York to Luxembourg  1295$  
  • New York to Rome              1380$  


Below the one-way prices back to North America, for some flights there is a longer overnight stopover in Portugal involved.


  • Oslo to Boston           590$ 
  • Oslo to New York       580$  
  • Dublin to Washington DC  670$ 
  •  Dublin to Boston       740$ 
  • Copenhagen to New York 750$ 
  • Dublin to New York    815$  
  • Dublin to Montreal  870USD
  • Paris to New York      820$  
  • Oslo to Miami             880$ 
  • Copenhagen to Miami 920$
  • Dublin to Miami           930$
  • London to New York    875$



All TAP longhaul airplanes offer lie flat seats now


TAP A321neo LR Business Class Cabin has the same layout as Jetblue Mint cabin.



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