Buy Avios: 100% Bonus with Finnair


Another Avios sale is online, and you get a 100% bonus if you buy avios or points through their site.

Finnair will move to avios in 2024. You can later on convert points to avios at a 3:2 ratio.

The promotion runs until September, 18h 2023.

The purchase limit is 200'000 + 200'000 bonus = 400'000 for 2575€

In 2024, you can exchange the points to avios, which means that you pay only 9,66€ per 1'000 avios with this bonus, which is not bad at all if you need some more avios for your redemption.

Keep in mind that you can transfer your Finnair points to avios in 2024 earliest.

To the Finnair purchase avios site.

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