Miles-and-More: Tutorial Part 1 – Credit Cards

We will update our Miles-and-more tutorial series during next weeks. Today we will cover how to collect Miles if you are in possession of a credit card.

American Express

American Express offers a credit card similar to Master Card or Visa.

Why American Express could be useful

If you do not already have an American Express you can apply online for an American Express. Blue, Green, Gold or Platinum Card. You can check them for yourself following this link and selecting your country.

In some countries Amex cards dedicated to the Miles & More program are also available.

Membership Rewards

If you have the American Express card you have to sign up for Membership Rewards here. Once a member, you will receive 1 membership rewards point for every € you spend.

You here have the possibility to transfer your rewards points to Miles&More at the ratio of 2 rewards point for 1 mile. However, mileage transfer is normally better at other airline partners.

Below you can see a list of all their Airline partners:

Lufthansa or Luxair Mastercard

Living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can apply for the Lufthansa Mastercard using this link.

With those you will get 1 mile per 2€ spent and a welcome bonus depending on the card you choose.

Furthermore, you have plenty of other advantages like for example travel insurance or the possibility to convert a certain number of award miles to status miles.

Living in Luxembourg you can apply for the excellent BCEE Luxair Mastercard. For details about that card check our link here:

Collecting points in Luxembourg: Miles-and-More Part 1 BCEE Mastercard


Using a credit card is always the easiest way to collect miles as you will earn a certain amount for your daily expenses without any effort from your side.


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