Earn 200 Miles&more miles per hotel review with HolidayCheck in April


HolidayCheck and Miles&More offer yet another promotion. This month you will receive 200 miles for each of your 10 hotel reviews…We strongly suggest making your reviews as until now 200 miles per review was the highest available amount.

Link to the promotion.




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  • luxtravel

    Hy there,
    It is nowhere written in the terms that you have to be based in Germany but of course you have to do it in German. For example we are based in Luxembourg and never had any problems receiving the extra miles. It is true that HolidayCheck requires a proof of your stay from time to time, but a sinole screenshot of a reservation is already sufficent.

  • Doolyb

    Of course tbis needs to be done in German otherwise it will not be accepted and every 3 or 4th review will require proof of stay via email

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