Lounge Review: Amsterdam Crown Lounge non-Schengen (Covid-19 times)

We’ve visited the KLM Crown Lounge 52 non-Schengen Amsterdam end of September 2020, during Covid-19 times.

This is KLM’s international flagship lounge. It got a face-lift in 2019 and the size has been doubled so that seating can be offered to more than 1000 travelers.

The lounge is split across two levels. On the upper floor a restaurant is located where food and drinks are offered for an additional charge. On the main level complimentary food and drink are served.

amsterdam crown lounge covid entrance


Location & Access

The lounge is located after the security in the non-Schengen area. Follow the Lounge signs “Airline Lounge 52” until you reach the lounge.

52 not 25, “Airline Lounge 25” will guide you to the lounge in the Schengen area.

You can access the lounge as a Flying Blue Platinum, Gold or other SkyTeam Elite Plus member as well as a business class passenger on a Skyteam flight.

Flying Blue Petroleum members can only access the lounge transferring between two flights that are both operated by Air France or KLM, and where both flights are additionally booked on a AF or KL flight number.

Other Flying blue members can access the lounge against a fee.


Seating options

The KLM Crown Lounge 52 in Amsterdam is huge, and every variety of seats is available within the lounge. As the lounge is big, you should find a rather private spot somewhere without any problems. Lots of outlets/USB ports can be found in the seating areas.

We visited the lounge during the morning and in Covid-19 times, so not many passengers were present.

amsterdam crown lounge covid overview

The upstairs level of the lounge has an outdoor terrace connected to the Blue Bar



Food & Drinks

The food and drinks selection is simply amazing, if you are willing to pay for them.

You have a free buffet on the main floor with a good choice of free food like sandwiches, a salad bar, Asian dishes, hamburgers, pastas, rice and more. The free food on the main floor is good, but nothing special compared to what you can find in many other lounges.

At breakfast time you can find a good selection of pastries and fruits.

Soft drinks, plenty of coffee machines and even a barista station are available in the lounge. Self-serve draft beer and wine were available on the main floor, but no champagne unfortunately.

amsterdam crown lounge covid food review amsterdam crown lounge covid

On the first floor you have the blue restaurant, which is under the supervision of a starred chef from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Here you can choose from excellent food and drinks à la carte options, but for an additional charge as already described.

Other Amenities

Enough restrooms, around 20 showers and even some sleeping cabins are available. Of course TVs, reading material and Wi-Fi are provided free of charge as well.



The KLM Crown Lounge 52 is one of the largest airline lounges you’ll come across, but because it is so big it won’t feel very comfy for passengers on those days when it gets crowded. Due to Covid-19 we won’t most probably see those days in the near future.

Compared to Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Munich that we have visited a few weeks ago, also during Covid-19, this lounge was so much better in every aspect.

However, this isn’t the best business class lounge, but for sure one of the better ones.

You have to pay extra in the restaurant which we don’t like in any lounge. One of our favorite business class lounges, Cathay Pacific Lounge in London Heathrow, has a restaurant, an excellent buffet and all free of charge.

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