Lounge review: Delta Sky club Miami Terminal H

Lounge review: Delta Sky club Miami Terminal H

We visited the lounge in January 2019, it is located airside just after the security. There is realy not much to say about that tiny lounge, it is small and crowded.

Seating options

As you can see on the picture below, there are not so many seating options, the lounge is simply too small.


Food & Drinks

Food selection was a joke, some crackers a hot soup and nothing more to mention.

A coffee machine was available, and a large choice of alcohol, I think you need all that alcohol to love this lounge ;).


Other services

A small bathroom was available, and only a few power outlets.



This is the first time we visited a Delta lounge, as we were traveling with Delta one from Munich to Miami and vis versa.

So far I have to say that Oneworld or Star Alliance offer a lot more in their lounges.

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