Lounge Review: Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid

Review of the Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid in summer 2019.

Location & Access

The Lounge is located in terminal 4s, airside. It is located within the Duty Free shop, before you reach the central shops and restaurant area. You can access the lounge if you fly on a oneworld carrier in business or first clas or with oneworld Emerald or Sapphire status.

Seating options

Plenty of seating options are available and when we visited the Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid wasn’t crowoded at all. But that is not always the case, we visited the lounge a year ago and it was hard to find two free seats together. Anyway you should find a place were you can spent a couple of hours, privacy is not too bad as the tables are not too close to each other.

Food & Drinks

In terms of drinks, the usual non alcocolic beverages as well as beer and spirites are available. A highlight is the self service wine tasting desk, where you can choose between a wide variety of open wines to do your own tasting.

In terms of food, in the Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid the cold selections such as the salad bar and sandwiches are reasonable. However the choice of warm dishes was rather a joke when we were there during the early evening. You had the choice between exactly 2 different dishes: simple mushrooms and tortilla. For a flagship lounge this might be the worst we have seen so far.

However it seems that they also have an a la carte restaurant within the lounge, but unfortunately it is only open betwenn 21h30 and 00:00, which seems to be a rather unusual schedule.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid wine
Wine tasting bar

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid


Other amenities

A childrens corner with playing consoles as well as a business station is available within the lounge.

Furthermore, you can use the showers, which are very spacious by the way, and WiFi is for free of course.

Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid shower


The Iberia Velázquez Lounge Madrid itself is nice and plenty of seating options are available. The wine tasting bar is a very great touch but the warm food options are simply bad, at least if you arrive before 21h30. In that case, we suggest you eat outside of the lounge and just visit afterwards for some drinks.


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    • premiumflights

      I was quite often in Spain, and I know that they eat late in the evening, later as at many other places in the world :).

      But for a lounge which is visited by a lot of international travelers, 21:00 is definitely too late.

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