Lounge Review: KLM / Air France Munich Terminal 1

Lounge Review: KLM / Air France Lounge Munich Terminal 1


The KLM /Air France Munich lounge is located in Terminal 1 behind the security area on the first floor. The lounge is accessible by elevator or stairs.

The entrance gives quite a good idea about the interior of the lounge ;).


Food & Drinks

We visited the lounge in the early morning, the food selection was really poor. You can see all the “fresh” food available here on my plate below.

As we arrived, there were 2 croissants left, so one of us didn’t get one. We stayed for about 40 minutes in the lounge and five minutes before we left they “already” refilled the empty croissant tray.

A coffee machine and orange juice, of course not fresh one, was however available.


Seating options

Well, there were chairs. On the pictures they look much better as in real life, and I know they don’t look good. I had the feeling that we were sitting in a cave with white walls and white windows.

The chairs tried to give the whole thing a modern touch, but they just looked cheap.


Other services

As you can see above, there were a few newspapers available, the lounged offered as well as a non-working internet.

Toilets were outside of the lounge, so you had to walk through that nice entrance to visit those. I could recognize the concept of the lounge on the toilets, white walls again 😉




This is another lounge for the category “worst airport lounges”.

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  • Pedro Cardebar

    That’s on par with the both lounges (Shengen/nonShengen) in Nice Airport, even the croissant saga. As French say: a cheval donné on ne regarde pas la bride (you don’t look into gift horse mouth) :))

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