Lounge Review: Marco Polo Club lounge Venice

Lounge Review – Priority Pass lounge Marco Polo Club in Venice, during Autumn 2019.

Location & Access

The lounge is located after security on the first floor adjacent to the self service restaurants. You get access to the lounge with the Priority Pass.

When space is available, this lounge accepts guests at the door. The walk-in rate is €40 per person.


Seating options

Plenty of seating options are available in this lounge. However when we visited the lounge it was really packed. It was very hard to find a spare table, if you did not want to sit in their dark entertainment rooms or relaxing rooms.

Bar chairs were still available but rather uncomfortable to eat in.

relaxing room

Marco Polo Club lounge Venice


Food & Drinks

First of all the food. It was probably the best priority pass lounge in terms of food we’ve ever visited. Plenty of hot and cold choices were available. From salad over Pizza, cheese rolls, meatballs, sandwiches, brownies, tiramisu, salad, fruits,…

The selection was simply great. The only drawback might be that not all options were still warm on the buffet.

In terms of drinks, the selection was good. However if you want to drink something else than soft drinks, you have to get your drink from a small bar adjacent to the food buffet. Due to the fact that only one bartender was offering drinks, you have to queue and wait for 5 minutes to get a glass of wine or a coffee. There is a lot of room for improvement on this issue.

Marco Polo Club lounge Venice Marco Polo Club lounge Venice


Other services

WiFi, international magazines, showers, entertainment rooms, kids rooms and even a small terrace with a nice view on the tarmac was available.

Marco Polo Club lounge Venice


Conclusion, Pass or Fail?


Due to the very good food selection, the Marco Polo Club lounge Venice is definitely worth a visit.  They however have to improve their service in terms of drinks.

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