Lounge Review: TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon Terminal 1

Review of the TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon Terminal 1, Air Portugal Flagship Lounge.

Location & Access

The lounge is located in Terminal 1, after security in the main departure hall on the second floor. On the picture below you can see all the airlines and alliances allowed to use the TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon.

TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon


Seating options

The lounge is rather small for a flagship lounge and basically consists of one big room.

You can find counter chairs, sofas as well as table seating options.

However, the lounge was packed when we visited during noon, and many people were seated very close one to another. Many people even had to stand due to the lack of space. Two hours later some more space became available.

This is unacceptable for a flagship lounge in my opinion. Furthermore, due to the very open design of the lounge, your privacy is literally zero. It must be very unpleasant if your flight will be delayed and you have to spend a longer time in the TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon.

Seating TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon


Food & Drinks

Let’s come to the very pleasant side of the lounge.

Food options were well beyond average at this lounge.

A good salad bar, a couple of hot options like a traditional meat dish or freshly made pasta, some very nice finger food, tons of bread over many freshly prepared cakes. Everyone should find something and each dish we tried was very tasty. Even some baby food glasses were available which I never noticed in any lounge before.

The drink selection is solid and you will find the standard: Soft drinks, wine, beer, coffee and an adequate selection of spirits.

Coffew TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon

Food TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon

Drinks TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon


Other services

Free Wi-Fi is available of course, but also newspapers, a small business terminal, a sleep area (very small), showers and a rather small kids corner.

Regarding all this, I would categorize the lounge as standard.

Kids Corner TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon



We have mixed feelings about the TAP Premium Lounge Lisbon.

The food is excellent, that has to be considered, but the fact that this should represent a flagship lounge, I have to say it is simply to small. The lack of privacy concerning the seating options and the sheer lack of space during peak hours, the verdict is far from excellent. If you happen to visit during non-peak hours however you might have a more pleasant stay.


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