Lounge Review: Zurich SWISS Business Lounge Gate E

Lounge Review: Zurich SWISS Business Lounge Gate E

Location & Access

This SWISS Business lounge is located airside upstairs in the Terminal at the E gates, an elevator is also available.

Here the details from the SWISS Homepage:


Seating options

The lounge offered plenty of different seating options.

Nice big comfortable chairs with build in power outlets were available in the quiet area.

Relax Area with comfortable adjustable chairs

Stools in the restaurant with view on the airport.

Power outlets even available in seats at the restaurant.

A few more chairs just after the entrance.


Food & Drinks

We visited the lounge in the morning, so we can only give a review on the breakfast. The breakfast was excellent, there was a big choice of croissants, pastry, fruits and fresh yogurt. The chef in the open kitchen concept made omelettes which were very good.

The choice of drinks was also big enough, and the coffee machines not only looked good, but the coffee was also tasty.



Other services

Complimentary Wi-Fi was available, a Wi-Fi code was provided at check-in and worked on two devices valid for 24 hours.

The restrooms were clean, spacious and nicely decorated.

Business center with a computer.

National and international magazines.



This lounge is spacious, clean and modern. It is perfect to relax, even for a longer time before your flight. There were plenty of seating options and you could find power sockets everywhere. The food (breakfast) offered was of a big choice and variety.

This is definitely a very good lounge and it is surely worth visiting again.

The view on the balcony, with complimentary binoculars, is also quite unique for a lounge.

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