Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific will recieve new business class not before 2021

Boeing confirmed its revised delivery schedule for the first 777-9. The company is now targeting early 2021 for first delivery of the 777X.

This is bad news, especially for Lufthansa customers, as Lufthansa’s business class is really outdated. Lufthansa’s Boeing 777-9 with the new business class, will finally provide direct aisle access for each and every passenger. No more awkwardly stepping over your sleeping seatmate, and more privacy are some of the benefiets. The layout will alternate between rows of 1-2-1 and 1-1-1, so that every second row provides a ‘throne’ center seat.

Luthansa’s new business class in the B777-9 (photo by Lufthansa)


Cathay Pacific‘s current business class is good, so this won’t affect their customers too much. Maybe it is more an issue for First class passengers, as Cathay Pacific has also indicated its Boeing 777-9 would see the introduction of new first class suites.



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