Earn Miles with Payback or HolidayCheck

You can collect Miles-and-More miles, not only by flying or credit cards. Another excellent possibility is Payback, and a very easy and free method is HolidayCheck.

What is PAYBACK?

The PAYBACK program lets you accumulate points from various stores across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. These points can be converted at a 1:1 ratio to the Miles-and-More program.

However, there is also the possibility to earn miles online.  That means you can earn miles within Europe, even when you do not live in one of the countries mentioned above.

For instance, you can earn additional miles by booking your vacation online through platforms such as Expedia.de or Booking.com within Europe.

Coupons – Maximize your Points

Numerous stores offer coupons to earn additional points, ranging from 2x to 15x, which can significantly increase your points tally.

To access these coupons, you can use the mobile app (explained at the end of this article).


Applying for the  Payback program

Applying for the program is seamless if you reside in Austria, Switzerland, or Germany, it doesn’t mean you cannot obtain a Payback card if you live in Luxembourg or other countries.

While we don’t advise using a false address, it is one way to acquire a digital card and start accumulating points and eventually miles. Alternatively, you can visit a participating store in one of the three countries and obtain a card from the designated desks, which typically takes no more than 3 minutes.

Once in possession of a physical card, login on a desktop computer to link the card to your Email address by visiting this link and chose the option “Vorhandene PAYBACK Karte registrieren”. As you already have a physical card, the postal address does not matter anymore.

Once completed, download the PAYBACK app on your smartphone. However, that isn’t always possible, depending on your Android settings. You can google for Payback apk, or use this link to download the app.

Once you log in using your credentials, you can navigate to the “Coupons” tab, which provides a comprehensive list of available coupons.

To activate a coupon, click on “Coupon Aktivieren” before shopping at one of the participating stores. Bonus points will automatically be added to your account upon presenting your PAYBACK card. You can also use your digital card available on the app or a screenshot of the digital card for this purpose.

Convert your PAYBACK points to miles

To convert your PAYBACK points to miles, you have to log in to your Payback account using a desktop computer, and chose the option to transfer points to Miles-and-More.

You can choose to have your points automatically transferred to the Miles-and-More program twice a year. Additionally, there are occasional promotions where you can receive up to a 25% bonus when converting Payback points to miles.


What is HolidayCheck?

HolidayCheck is a website where you can post and view hotel reviews submitted by other users. It’s a simple process to post a review and share your experience.

How can you earn miles with HolidayCheck?

HolidayCheck rewards you with 100 miles per month for up to 10 hotel reviews. Twice a year, during a month-long promotion, you can earn 200 miles per review. Wait for the promotion to get more miles. We’ll update you on our site when it starts.


Posting a review on HolidayCheck to earn miles is simple. Just visit the promotion site, search for the hotel you want to review, and write a 100-character description along with some additional information. Before submitting the review, make sure to enter your Miles-and-More number and click on the Miles & More logo at the bottom of the page.

Once you submit your review, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address for each review you write. In some cases, HolidayCheck may ask you to verify the review by providing a picture, screenshot or file of the reservation confirmation, bill or any other document that proves you stayed at the property. Simply reply to the email with the required documentation.

Nice to know

If you’re traveling with a partner, both of you can submit a review for each hotel you visited to earn the maximum amount of miles.

Link to HolidayCheck

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