Priority Pass: Up to 30% Discount – Visit Airport Lounges Worldwide


The following prices do apply at the moment:


Get your Priority Pass today, and get a discount up to 30%. Three different memberships are available, Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige.

It might happen that you won’t see the discount on the landing page at first. But don’t worry! Once you click on the membership you want, the discount will be automatically applied.



  • STANDARD (30% discount): Annual Fee 59€ instead of 89€, each visit will cost 30€

  • STANDARD PLUS (10% discount): Annual fee 260€ instead of 289€, 10 free visits included, thereafter 30€ per visit.

  • PRESTIGE: Annual fee of 459€, unlimited visits included for free.


If you bring a guest to the lounge, it will always be an additional 30€ entry fee.


The lounges

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program. With Priority Pass you’ll get access to 1400 lounges across 600 cities and 148 countries, ensuring you can find a lounge at nearly every major airport worldwide. While at most airports, the lounge may be a third-party one, not as luxurious as airline lounges, at many smaller airports, you’ll enjoy the same lounge as premium and status passengers.

Regardless, in every lounge you’ll get:

  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary soft drinks including alcohol in most lounges
  • Small Snacks
  • A place to sit and relax before your flight, away from the hustle in the terminal.


Is it worth getting a priority pass membership?

Priority Pass is definitely worth considering if you are planning a lot of economy flights, and you still want to visit some lounges to be able to relax a little bit before your flight, especially if you have long layovers. We suggest to check first if the airports you frequently fly from/to have Priority Pass lounges.



With Priority Pass, you can access lounges regardless of your travel class or status. Lounges range from excellent to not-so-great and can get quite busy if you are unlucky.

But, if you frequently take economy flights, and taking into account your travel habits, the Priority Pass membership could be a valuable choice.

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