Lounge Review: Luxembourg Airport Lounge

Luxembourg Airport Lounge review, “The Lounge”.

Location & Access

The Lounge is located right after the security check on that same floor. Business and first class passengers, status at the alliance you fly with, or a Priority Pass will you access to the lounge.

Entrance Lounge Luxembourg Airport

Seating options

You have many seating options to choose from.

Relax Chairs
Sofa with view on the runway
Relax Area
Relax Area

Food & Drinks

In terms of drinks, you have plenty of choice. For food, only a small cold buffet is available, however this one is pretty good.

Beer from tap
A lot of choice in terms of Soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits
many different spirits

French red wine
Champagne, rose & white wine selection
Plate with some cold appetizers
Cider from Luxembourg
Cold buffet
Cold buffet
Salmon and meat
Nice espresso machine and tea selection
Small bread selection

Other services

Showers are not available, just toilets. You have a wide selection of magazines considering the size of the lounge, and wi-fi is free of charge. A couple of charging terminals for your mobile are available, as well as plenty of power sockets embedded into the floor.

Magazine Selection
Mobile Charging station
In floor power sockets


For a small airport like Luxembourg where transit passengers are basically non-existent, the lounge is pretty decent especially in terms of variety of alcoholic drinks and you will find everything you need here to have a comfortable stay prior your departure.

Below a small video of the lounge:

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