SAS introduces Point Sharing

SAS Point sharing group


This is very good news, Star Alliance member SAS let you now share points with others, which makes this program very attractive.


“By joining a Point Sharing group, you and up to 7 other travelers can pool EuroBonus points in a shared account and then use them towards travel experiences together.

Earn points together

Pool points in one account and reach your travel goals faster โˆ’ that trip you’ve been saving for, the upgrade that makes everyone happier on the flight, a rental car that takes you further or another great EuroBonus reward.

And no more trying to keep track of the points in several accounts โˆ’ with Point Sharing, they’re all available in one account and easy to use”


Here a few more explanations:

“The owner of the Point Sharing group can always use all points on the account. When a member joins the Point Sharing group they can use points by default, however the owner can remove this right at any time.

When points are used for a purchase the points on the account that were earned first will be used. To see which points that will be used there is a list available in your Point Sharing profile

The member who creates the Point Sharing group becomes the administrator and owner. A person thatโ€™s already a member of another Point Sharing group cannot start a new one. The owner is the only member that can invite new members to the group and controls which members that are allowed to use points. The owner can also remove members from the Point Sharing group after the initial lock in period of 6 months. The owner has to be at least 18 years old.

When you start or join Point Sharing all existing points that were earned before joining the group are immediately transferred to the Point Sharing account. All points keep their original type and point expiry. Expiration date for any new points earned from the time the you joined the Point Sharing group are calculated against the owners last month of qualification period, which means that all points earned while in the group have the same month for point expiry. When logging in to your EuroBonus profile or on the SAS App you will see point expiry dates for all members in the Point Sharing group. If one group member is a Diamond member his/her points will show as having an expiry date, however as this member has a no point expiry benefit these points will not expire.โ€


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