TAP lets you purchase Upgrades via APP

Customers can now bid on upgrades from 24 hours to 60 minutes before a flight on the app through a real-time auction in partnership with SeatBoost.

The process is simple. Just download the free TAP and SeatBoost apps available for Android and IOS operating systems. Then simply open the Company’s app 24 hours before the flight, enter your flight details and bid directly through the SeatBoost app. The Customer with the highest bid will get their upgrade. The winner is notified directly via the app and automatically receives a new boarding pass. All they have to pay for is the upgrade.

Auctions are available for all TAP flights that offer Business class and are subject to seating availability. Each auction can be monitored live through the SeatBoost app.

In addition to this new feature, TAP also allows purchase of an upgrade 24 hours before the flight through the Contact Center, as well as via online bids up to 72 hours before flying, in cash or miles, through Plusgrade, available at www.flytap.com.


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